Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Haunting Beauty of Kuldhara and her Guardians

When my eyes first chanced upon you i thought you were facing change of seasons. From a distance you looked that. Apologies for just giving you a fleeting glance and not much of that either. Being in Jaisalmer is not easy. Especially when one is in a taxi hurrying to reach the next not to be missed destination. So much to see and so limited the unhurried time at one's disposal. i know i should've stopped the taxi greeted you with the appreciation that you deserved but like i said we were in a hurry and i was not my own master.

Thank you for beckoning me yet again. Like an eye catching banner that invites one and all for the carnival. You stood there amongst the wilderness, bewitching me with your colors and this time i had no option but to succumb to your charms.
Then approached you wondering if it was destined for me to meet you in a derelict place like this. Of all the places in this whole wide world. At an abandoned and cursed 200 years ago also supposedly having something paranormal going on till date among the ruins of the village called Kuldhara.

The way to approach you looked sort of promising having just the right amount of mystery attached. Daring some like me to explore.

You stood close to the entrance and your wicked charms radiated curiosity for that conceived and designed for a purpose but left hastily undone and abandoned park.

What or rather who are those that drove enthusiasm to have a park away??
Do you now call out seeking attention or are you standing there warning visitors not to trespass...???

Rendezvous with never seen you before being over in peace i had imbibed enough determination to go forth the entire faking wilderness park and discover that you were in august company.Your companions dot the terrains of Jaisalmer but only you could encourage and motivate to an up close and personal reconnoiter with them. Bewitching beauties all of them just like you.
Perhaps the uncared, not nurtured background, the eeriness of the wild undergrowth too withheld the art of seduction. Enough to arouse the adventurous explorer in me.

Imagination running wild i am wondering if you and your company are the lost civilisation of paliwal Brahmins of Kuldhara.
You bewitching one could be the doe eyed beauty and the rest your guardians... 
Tecomella undulata

i am bewildered as much as i am bewitched. Your colors reinstate the fact that pure colors in nature is rare. If i have to give your color a name in one word i would not be able to do so. " Perception is often undefinable and depends on adjacent colors".
i think about you and try hard to describe your haunting beauty in terms of colors and this is all i can fathom. Orange, no but pumpkin colored,  perhaps dark orange or rather Sienna (orange brown) or maybe orange red...
You flash upon the inward eye. And i see all the colors of the golden city in you. The different hues of that gold sandstone... from Sienna to orange, from light orange to pumpkin, from golden brown to mustard...

Much to the annoyance of my husband who was definite that no one there could tell me your name i am glad i took my chance. Before we proceeded for our next destination Lodhruva i stopped at the gatepost to enquire from the lone guardian at the gate if he knew you.
The young man at the gate not only apprised me of your name but enlightened me with all that you are worth. Rohida that's what he called you.

Rohida...Rohida...here am i still trapped in your spell wondering how or why three types of you were there near to each other in the same vicinity. Still wondering about your colors yellow, orange and red and in my imagination building my own tales of reincarnation...
The gatekeeper that young man who made me happy with his knowledge and smile taught my husband something. Never to underestimate anyone.
To me he imparted many including his identity...i wrote it down on that tissue paper i had in my hand.
Roheeda...Padma Ram...Padma Ram...Roheeda...

For more on Kuldhara the abandoned village/ forgotten city  http://www.indianexpress.com/news/a-forgotten-city/638864/3 

                                     Image courtesy of the state flower of Rajasthan Rohida:


  1. exceelant description of plants ROHEEDA available at kuldhara.Keep it up.U r right we should not under estimate anyone.

  2. @ Anonymous Thank YOU for stopping by.:)

  3. you have taken my photo of Tecomella undulata flower without given photo courtesy http://www.indianaturewatch.net/displayimage.php?id=41273

  4. @ devendra first let me thank you for stopping by at my post. Secondly kindly don't be annoyed i have quoted the source of the picture and i thought that was enough for anyone who is interested to know who the master photographer is. Kindly try to understand that my blog is not for any fame or fortune. It is only to share the info and experience the joy in doing that. Since my cybershot pic was not clear enough isn't it enough that i googled for an image and of all the images i got i chose urs. That i was in a hurry i did not bother much for the quoting the name and probably that has irked you. i apologize if u feel any disregard but trust me it was not intended. Now that you say it was ur picture i am rather glad so thank you for introducing urself and i hope u frequent my blogs again and in better spirits. Also thank you for Tecomella undulata too . i learnt the scientific name of this beauty of Rajasthan which they and now i know as Roheeda. :)