Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day-2 Immortal # 1

We all lose things, feel bad for sometime and then move on. The loss seems to fade away despite the aftermath of regrets and endless consolations.
But somehow you always seem to remember the loss. You are never able to get over it completely and absolutely. i guess it's something to do with our brains and no matter what people say you are never able to shut out that part of the brain which time and again keeps reminding you of that loss.

I still regret lending my school song notebook to my junior in school when i was in the 10th grade. The notebook never came back to me. I do remember my efforts too. Of trying so hard to retrieve it from the international circulating library.

Today i seem to thank the brain for being so.
Also for it being virus proof and malware resistant.
My annoyance/ frustration/ pain on loss has lessened not only for this notebook but some traumatic ones too.
We might talk about time being the healer. Agreed but not without giving a well deserved kudos to the resilient sponge that forms the center of the nervous system.
Coincidentally i have before me a few pieces of walnut which quite resembles that sponge.
So far so good...

My thoughts about kissing the frog and turning it into a prince, and all those others... experiences good and bad stays.
In a nutshell life in it's full glory remains thanks to the looking like a walnut brain.

Yeah that soft sponge of a walnut which also rewards us with TIMELESS...PERENNIAL...IMMORTALs.
This one for instance- Oh Susannah or like what i wrote in my notebook once upon a time ' I Come From Alabama'.

I come from Alabama
With a banjo on my knee
I'm going to lou'siana
My true love for to see
It rained all night the day i left
The weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death
Susannah don't you cry

Oh Susannah
Oh don't you cry for me
I come from Alabama
With my banjo on my knee

When I jumped aboard the telegraph
And traveled down the river
The electric fluid magnified
And killed five hundred cheer
When the bulls ran bust the horse ran off
The baillif thought i had died
So I shut my eyes to hold my breath
Susannah don't you cry

Oh Susannah
Oh don't you cry for me
For I've from from Alabama
With my banjo on my knee

I had a dream the other night
When everything was still
I thought i saw Susannah dear
A- coming down the hill
The buckwheat cake was in her mouth
The tear was in her eye
Said I, I'm coming from the south
Susannah don't you cry

Oh Susannah
Oh don't you cry for me
For I've come from Alabama
With a banjo on my knee

Now I soon will be in New Orleans
And then I'll look around
And when i find Su-Sannah,
I'll fall upon the ground
But if i do not find her
Then i will surely die
And when i'm dead and buried
Susannah, don't you cry

Oh Susannah
Oh don't you cry for me
I come from Alabama
With a banjo on my knee.

Oh Susannah
Oh don't you cry for me
I come from Alabama
With a banjo on my knee.

Before i draw this to a close i cannot seem to thank enough technology which after all is what has germinated from that beautifully carved and amazingly designed soft walnut. So not only do i overcome but can also reclaim and accumulate...and in the process not only be richer but also get rejuvenated...



  1. Ah, I was so happy to see this song, Shiv. I like this song for obvious reasons - It has my name. This song's tune was adopted for an album song - Radhika. It goes like this:

    Meri daftar mein ek ladki hai,
    naam hai Radhika . . .

    I regret so many things like that. The top ones being, "I should've participated in Sports and NCC while in school" and "I should have consistently gone for guitar lessons."

    I still regret the above mentioned ones almsot always.

    Hope you've been well and happy, dear Shivani. A pleasure to stop by here.


    Joy always,

  2. @Susan hey, i know u would not believe this but when i was doing this i was wishing to speak to you oh Susannah!!
    Telepathy...ESP...whatever and here you are.
    Thank u so much for your good wishes and yes i am doing fine and hope the same for you.
    Meander in on others and see if you can contribute something like this one... Radhika as you have just mentioned.
    Is Radhika on youtube??
    Take Care and Love you too.
    Yeah and Joy always,

  3. oh shivani shivani you've made my evening today. i've sang this song at the top of my voice to my sons in my blue moments to keep myself going. and to see the lyrics and hear the song...well guess what ...i went all crazy again. samar cant stop shaking his head in pretend exasperation. He asked why did they teach this song to you all in school then... but i am so glad they did. Boy those music lessons and that music hall ..they added so much value to life in later years. I dont know for you but it made me sing and dance through life's dais no matter how tough the going was.

    and now it is online - thanks to you. now you have to endure my lung squeezing hugs and smooches via cyberspace. love you for this.

    do you remember the other one thats haunted me: shyam kishore aaj ghar aaye, radha kahe sakhi lalita ji ko jao jao sakhi mala lawo!

  4. @Sabina hey you too.Thank God you do for you will understand what is happening to me.
    Although i haven't been to any of the alumni meets frnds tell me that the music hall is no more there. Trust me on this...the absence of the music hall,that ground which lays bare and shrunk stripped of the Asoka trees (in that March past area), no needlework room...some additional structural changes have actually depressed some of our frnds.
    Why do the good things have to go...???
    Deshpande sir remains in my memory and so does his son on the tabla. Well for his songs i am able to recall Ya kundedu...the Saraswati Vandana and Bhajo re bhaiya Ram Gobind Hari.
    The one you talk about did it start with Ne re ga, ne re sa,Dha ne re ga, ne re sa...??
    Oh Sabina although i don't seem too keen on re-unions yet i want to sit with whoever and recall the notes and the tunes all over again.
    Can you feel my desperation???
    Thank you frnd for understanding and then conforming to my angst.
    PLS PLS visit...all 5 days and u shall hear some that i was able to recall.

  5. Here you go:


  6. @Susan...thank you for being such a sweetie pie. Thanks for sharing this another cute and fun song with me. Had not heard it before. Better now than never.
    There is a song featuring my name too Susannah. Do you know that song? It goes something like this... Eh Shivani...tu lagti hai Naani...
    :) :) :)