Monday, February 11, 2013

Box of memories- Part 1

It's Monday and the color for me once again is  Blue...or rather violet as i sit in the golden warm sunshine of this February morning.
Weekend was pretty much fine with outings and movies but the most memorable was the Friday evening prior to the start of the weekend.
Perhaps it was a sequel to my Color Color What Color Do You Choose last week.

When we were small we had two games associated with Color Color What Color Do You Choose. The outdoor one involved lots of running around. Real fun and i remember how hungry we felt when we returned after the game got over. There would be no fussing on food whatsoever as whatever was offered was polished off ardently in a jiffy.

This game could be played with more than one. Even two could suffice. But it was enjoyed more in a large open space with larger numbers of participants.
The game was some cousin of Hide n' Seek or Thief Police for that matter. Only thing in this game the thief assumes the role of the one who orders jobs to be executed and colors are the jobs to be executed.
So the thief would for a change be the Commander and the other or rest had to obey. The commander cum thief would run and catch the one who had not obeyed and that person would be declared as out and then it would be his/her turn to be the commander cum thief.
The commanding thief would then stand ahead facing all, look condescendingly at the rest and wait to be asked in unison, '' Color Color What Color Do You Choose!!??"
He or she then would command loud enough for all to hear of the job to be executed, " I choose purple!".
There would then be lots of scuffling, jostling and running around to catch that color. Anywhere...on the walls, in any object lying there, plants and trees around, in any of the things you were wearing or even someone else s... . One had to lay his/her fingers on that color wherever he/she could find it.
The commander would be seen running and chasing the one who had not caught the color and when caught the game would continue till there would be calls from parents and guardians to call it the quits.
i was clever in this and always tricked my friends by always choosing the color i had on me. While they would be looking elsewhere searching i would have easily and effortlessly caught my prey.

Only three pre-requisites for this game.
First and foremost the outdoors. Second the companionship of more than one and last but not the very least you had to be qualified enough to have some knowledge of colors.
The standard of this game which was basic first like Mario and Shooting of Ducks (video games) was later raised to various levels when knowledge also included colors like cyan, jade, turquoise, burnt sienna, baby pink, powder blue... and definitely some colors having the prefix pastels.

Aah! yes and just have to narrate the rhyme through which the selection happened...of this Thief aka Commander.
We would all stand in a circle and then one of us did the elimination using rhymes.
It went something like this- if the group was small  " een peen sapety peen een peen out "( In pin safety pin in pin out). The rhyme has a special tune to it which was similar to Tra la la la la therefore the een peen... .
Also this " ek salai doo salai, teesra bole left right..." And i have no clue how we got this rhyme or whether it was an aberrational one too.
later when we knew more of the language our rhyme matched our education too.

So the Friday that just escaped i played Color Color What Color Do You Choose once again after so many years. Yes! he was as enthusiastic too-my husband of a bum chum as as we gave the game a full throttle go.
The radio playing romantic songs in between Nilesh Mishra's romantic and nostalgic love stories on the radio and the two of us for a change completely in sync enjoying Color Color What Color Do You Choose.
The programme Yaadon Ka Idiot Box on 92.7 Big FM was punctuated by the giggling, chuckling, guffawing, twittering... laughter of two kids.
Funny we were not running or catching each other rather playing the sitting indoor version of the game yet by the time we called it the quits, after exhausting the various permutations and combinations, we were still smiling. Perhaps for yeh dil maange more. ( this heart asking for more)
Don't know if it was the suitcase of memories we had opened or the fact that it we had devoured two Gulab  jamuns each and were looking forward to the ice cream in the fridge that made us delirious with joy, we had the broadest grins on our fully alert faces.
Post play a flash of a better plan for the rest of the nippy night. To go downstairs and look for the ice cream vendor even if it entailed a long ride.
We had unanimously settled for that favorite once again. The slurpee and so refreshingly juicy orange lolly.
And after that we had gone to bed with our orange lips and orange tongue, embracing each other like the best of friends. Definitely discussing all those games we played, and all those simple toys that are no longer seen, those colorful lozenges called lemonchoos that we loved sharing...till slumber got the better of us. i guess if my soul could get out of my body and watch the two of us then it would be smilingly surprised too to see two constantly bickering with one another couple smiling the smile of a happy re-union even in their sleep.

Our harmony these days is a testimony to the fact that the aura in the room which saw the colors of the rainbow called Love, Togetherness and Fun is there, hovering still, with more fun to look forward to the rest of the evenings of this week.

My next post should see me extracting more- from my lovely and fragrant box...
Surefire! the indoor version that we played. (with some real pictures and not just words)
So till the next time then...


  1. Shivani, why do you do this? You are excavating the mine of memories within me. The radio, the craft classes, the orange candies and now the long forgotten games that was payed to death by each of us.

    You do a wonderful job of bringing alive the small pleasures that we experienced and savoured.

    Thanks Shivani.

    Big hugs.

    Joy always,

  2. @Susan dear dear Susannah...the mine of memories is all i can share. This and those that I discover through nature. Perhaps my forte in going non stop jibber jabber on these. And you Susannah give me most pleasure by joining me. Thank u so much. :).
    And hugzzzzz to you too,
    Also joy always to you too.

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    difficulty. You're amazing! Thanks!