Friday, August 3, 2012


For someone who is a cleanliness freak it was not surprising that i had questions about how this kind of shiny, glowing with radiance, polished with butter kind of clean happens.
No!  mere saying that the area is dust free will not satisfy my scepticism. There's got to be some more. Some technique, some method for i have seen natural plants like this here and elsewhere looking just so and i'm sure i need to know, learn a lot more.

Okay but clean plants was not what i wanted to share but some others that caught my fancy as i moved around the city. This brilliant green with flashes of peachy pink having an intruder. A deep purple sauntering in perhaps to break the monotony, or otherwise to provide a visual treat as contrasts that one might not use but nature uses oft and on...just like that!!

Then there was this flower cluster providing fragrance and wonder to passers by from what looked like a Plumeria tree. And i thought i have seen all colors and kinds of this particular species. Funny how presumptous we are in believing that we know it all...of that which is the most favored one. i could still be wrong on this but the tree resembled my most loved tree.

i was very curious about this one which had huge pods hanging in bunches. i stood there looking up, right, left, sideways and all ways and was soon joined by a few more who actually stopped to see what i was searching/looking so restlessly for. They wouldn't know that i was trying also to figure out if the clumps were actually fruits or seed pods and was peering in to find some blossoms hiding somewhere amongst the foliage. Perhaps those tourists thought i have spotted something rare, some bird or some creature. They greeted me with a polite hello and on being apprised of what had caught my fancy approved and exclaimed, " Even we've never seen this strange thing before...".

The entire pleasurable walk area had a mild fragrance not only because of Plumeria but also of what i know as Murraya shrubs. These especially had profuse blossoms and as the sign board proclaimed, the entire walk around the park filled the senses. The mild, soothing, relaxing and calming fragrance even during broad daylight with the sun shining bright and the atmosphere feeling a bit sultry. This would be what i would love to call Get Real aromatherapy. No need then to be enticed by these expensive spas which try to capture the essence of this in nature by using aromatic candles in a closed made to look natural claustrophic area. BTW even there you might not have butterflies, dragonflies to provide you with some cheery panorama.
Sure while i had my aromatherapy sessions i saw dragonflies having a gala time too.
It was befitting to name the lake in the park as Dragon Fly Lake.

But what actually made me startle the cab drivers were these avenue trees that i noticed on my way to my son's apartments. These were unique. That particular day i had no phone, no camera and my handbag was IPad less. Moreover it was drizzling in Singapore like it often does oft and on. The entire neat stretch with flourescent green clusters drooping downwards like Tibetian flags from the trees. For quite sometime now i've been pestering my son to send some snapshots not only for memory sakes but also to know more about the beauty. Ever since i've returned i've been typing newer words into the Google search box but all these days my efforts were in vain. Not today though.

Today's my day and now i know the common name too of that beauty whom i had been pursuing for the last few days. Bless Mr Simper blogger from Singapore who helped me with my eureka moment of the day
i just can't wait to share what they call HANDKERCHIEF TREES. Even though what i'm going to share is a  borrowed one from the Internet.

Fantastic!! it looks even more amazing on it's own as an ornamental tree in the front lawn and garden.

Sure enough if and when my shots arrive they should see this page as their ramp in a fashion show which showcases Maniltoa browneoides in the grand finale as The SHOWSTOPPER.

i guess that should be all for today...more when i badly need to share...