Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Paean and get Dixie free-Day 5

About Her
i am sure most would have their own imaginations of her. And i wonder and would like to ask how they saw Her to be.
Then i would have to divulge how i saw Her and found Her to be.

Megalomaniac i might be but once again The Her was/is me. Tall with never-ending legs wearing the most rugged torn jeans and checked shirt which kind of flaunts the contours of my shapely body and oh yes ! a thick leather belt, not to be missed but dark tan leather breeches and dark tan cowboy hat too. The little longer than shoulder length hair that has escaped from the hat hanging in loose but longish uneven but wavy curls...
And i am singing to gay abandon...all the way... riding a horse.

No no i am not talking about a fully clothed singing Axa but that's definitely me. Look and see for yourself how even they seem to be assuming about my arrival...

And yes i am coming through the tricky and treacherous mountains. The entire world is waiting to see me and cheer me. Can you hear the paean!!
The paean seems to have my refrains, Oh! is that how much they love me...Bless Them!! Bless Them!!

"She'll be coming 'round the mountains when she comes
 She'll be coming 'round the mountains when she comes
 She'll be coming 'round the mountains, She'll be coming 'round the mountains, she'll be coming 'round   the mountains when she comes.

Singing aye aye yippee yippee aye- hee haw 
Singing aye aye yippee yippee aye- hee haw
Singing aye aye yippee aye aye yippee yippee aye aye yippee yippee aye... "

Ha ha it feels great to see how eager they are to see me but do they want to see me otherwise too...six white horses and PINK PAJAMAS !!!

She'll be ridin' six white horses when she comes, etc
Oh we'll all come out to meet her when she comes, etc.
She'll be wearing pink pyjamas when she comes, etc.
Enough about myself and it's time to welcome Dixie into this concluding session.
So let's hear it for Dixie now...join me!!
-to be continued in the following post-

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