Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day-4 is for Bonnie

When this was taught in school i would sing it with all my heart thinking about a doll that i never had. i did own a walky talky laters when Papa went to Japan but when i was singing the song with fervor i did not own any doll. And i longed to have at least one.
In my imagination that Bonnie was always my cherubic doll with curly golden hair and blue eyes.
Also i thought it is a mothers song for her bonnie probably sung as a lullaby.
In my imagination that Bonnie was always me as any bonnie could only be a girl.
i still don't know why when even though now i know the ambiguity of the term, Bonnie still conjures the image of a cute baby girl with curly hair.


" Bonnie is a Scots term for attractive. It's a girl's name in English, but in Scots it can refer to either an attractive boy or girl (ie bonnie lad, or bonnie lass). It probably comes from "baine" which is Gaelic for milk. It'd refer to fair skin.''

i also have vague memories of some party in which i had heard Beatles singing My Bonnie and after that i was no longer embarrassed to sing it openly. Before Beatles i thought it was a song meant exclusively for infants. 
So much for vague pre-conceived notions as kids.

And today when i hear Tony Sheridian i can hear myself erupting with unending adjectives starting with ULTIMATE ...and ending with for want of more words... AWESOME.
Before i call it a day need i point out that just like The Birdy song My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean also still remains just as we had learnt it. As one of the most popular interactive song.


  1. Really, Shivani? I never knew that Beatles and Tony Sheridian sang this song. I always thought that this was some kindergarten song but I do like singing this song in weird voices when no on is at home.

    Sheridian is singing the song in a very rock-n-roll fashion. Whoever thought that this song would be performed like this!

    Joy always,

  2. @ Susan yeah me too. I too thought about the song as a kindergarten song not until...
    Thanks for taking time out to listen to the rock n roll version. Now when no ones around maybe u can try it...sometimes it's therapeutic...singing songs and making own versions out of it.
    Love and hugs,
    Joy always to you too