Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i wish,i wish...

i indulge in a lot of wishful thinking these days and in these i pendulate between the most archaic to the most novel. How does change the world sound? Stereotyped maybe, maybe cliched but that does not stop me from wishing nevertheless. But something also tells me that this can be a reality if i convert wishing into wanting. I may be a small dust in this entire constellation but i have my own very important role to play. This should be the start if the change in the world is to be-from me.
Each day brings with it some experience, some good and some bad but if we remain true just remain true to these experiences we bring ourselves to be that change.
Just the other day while strolling into the 'Healing Garden' created by a known samaritan, my friend and i exchanged notes about our daily routines and experiences. It was one of those fruitful talks where we came to conclusions and had many revelations. And one of these was, why we are, what we are? of course the nature versus nurture theory also cropped up but at that point of time putting our perspectives across, we agreed that we fail to take lessons from our experiences so instead of being healers we turn into marauders.
There's this Greek myth which perhaps will help catch my drift. i just read it the other day in the newspaper so it is fresh and so apt to convey my intentions. There's no doubt many such stories abound in our mythology too but this is new and so close to my thoughts that i think it better to share and put forth my point.
Chiron was a gentle and kind centaur(half man-half horse) unlike others of his kind who were rowdy and indulgent in drinking. On a particular fateful day he got wounded by an arrow from Herculese's bow. Death could not provide Chiron respite from the excruciating pain as he was immortal. So he became a recluse and retreated to the mountains to find a cure for his pain. Although he was unable to find anything that could cure him he became wise in his knowledge on herbs. And thus the pain as his master he became compassionate to other's sufferings. He started welcoming,treating and thus helping all who were suffering and thus became a wounded healer.
Our experiences moulds us in many ways and as i recollect mine i know now that i have ignored many, to even give it a thought, what to talk of making commends. Actually for a long time i was only devising ways of giving it back.Oh no! not the good ones as good ones are only for indulgence but bad ones are for giving it back. Someone hurts you, mind is on the run how to hurt them back and then devise ways - tit for tat , bitter medicines can be sweet coated...blah blah. The point is why waste all that energy in devious plans and why not use that to become healers. The least we can do is to remind ourselves not to be a copy.
Well the start to anything humanitarian is the realisation. After realisation the tread may not be a cakewalk but i can try. At least trying is better than just wishing. I AM BLESSED because i realise, the less fortunate ones don't even until it is too late.
Realisation-" We need to stay mindful of the fact that as wounded healers ,we become transformed when we understand that our wound may be completely personal and uniquely our own, it simultaneously is a shared, universal non-personal process. We heal ourselves and others from our wounds."
i didn't mean to sound stiff- assed, sanctimonious , boring prude but these were my thoughts for the day before i get involved in the other frivolous activities.
Oh i wish i could tell all this to my that friend, father or to my mother in law without sounding arrogant...there i go again...
On second thoughts i'm not ready not yet or rather not fit enough to be the change. Alas...

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