Friday, February 5, 2010

Freaked out

Before you realise much about yourself something happens out of the blue and it strikes you with such intensity that in reflex all you can do is deny. No i am not that !! As more thoughts richochet inside your ever-active brain you slowly say things to yourself which kind of acts like a tranquilizer and you are okay with yourself and just move on , brushing the thoughts away that freaked you out. You yourself are the prosecuter, defence attorney and the judge all wrapped in one,verdict announced and you move on. Well i have just pronounced the verdict which of course is in my favour. The case being that for the hindus and i being one, i wanted a ban on posting the images of our Gods on shopping bags, pamphlets, cards...and everything that lands in a trash can , when it has served it's purpose. It annoys me to see that something so sacred is made so cheap , so banal . One the one hand we keep our Gods in a sanctum sanctorum and in many of our famous temples ,we have to get across an ardous and tedious queue to even have a glimpse of the Holy One and on the other hand we show utter disrespect and post them anywhere indiscriminately. Needless to say all comedies, ads, parodies, satires which use our Gods make me ballistic . My last visit to my hometown in Bihar took me by surprise when i saw pictures of hindu Gods posted everywhere one wanted the walls to be free of Picassos created by ardent pan lovers. Not a blotch on the wall !oh how religious my own kind are! hats off to their faith and belief! How can one be so religious on the one instant and so commercial to ignore the sanctity of their faith on the other, is what i fail to understand. And as if this was not enough USA now has released stamps with Sri Hanuman and Lord Krishna. i shuddered with revulsion to think how many will use glue to the self sticking stamps instead of spit which normally people use to attach the stamps to their post. And after the post has served it's purpose only a philatelist will keep the stamp but mostly my Revered One , will go either to a shredder or once again in the trash can. Why can't people leave my Gods alone? God is sacred and we place images and idols of our Gods in the most pure places. And then it hit me-OMG! i am a fanatic!! or maybe turning into one. Well it didn't take me long to understand that wierd part of me conjuring things out of nowhere and the annoyance, disgust and anger dissipated. Like i said before the petitioner in me got the case dismissed with a sound judgement. i was happy then that the world is commemorating the divinity of my Gods and that He/She resides everywhere, even in the trash cans. Lord Ram had no problems eating the half bitten fruit of Shabari which was offered to him with love and devotion and He is above all what we call pure and impure. And the sanctum sanctorum is within us. i rest my case...

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