Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gyan-part 1

Like i said before each day has some story to tell, some message to convey, only if we stop and listen. The problem is that there are too many things and how much to listen. We are bombarded on all sides and the frivolous mind gets too easily swayed, too easily distracted to have absorbed anything other than sheer pleasures. So yet another day goes down the drain and we have not listened to anything at all.

Not for me yesterday...it was a day when glued to my seat i actually listened so much so that the chords are etched deep inside as i remember and reflect.

This is what i heard and understood:

We are all heroes till faced with the ultimate challenge...the moment it stares us in the face just like Arjuna we drop our Gandiv and are too stupified to act...there seems to be a freeze of all the earstwhile heroism. This happens due to many reasons of which the most important and the very crippling one is our EMOTION. All this while i thought Fear was what prevented us; fear of the results led to bolting and baulking but emotions ruining our chances was new to me. i thought emotions actually helped us in many ways but it paralyizing us, as was evident in the case of Arjuna, i could never get the full meaning of. Little did i know that soon enough i will be a witness of such a situation which will enlighten me completely. Surely there must be many such events happening in real life though i got my lesson full and clear from this movie that i saw. And though the movie was focussing on something else there was a small and not very prominent part which best fits the category of emerging victorious . The kind that the scholar had explained earlier.

Well the movie is replete with challenges as it revolves around this central character who is autistic and is afflicted with a rare kind of autism called the Asperger's Syndrome. How he faces difficulties and finds way inspite his handicap is the main story. But there is part in the movie where an ordinary mother reports her only son to the police for having witheld information as a key witness to a heinous crime. The son being just 13-14 year old and still a child. Being a mother myself i could well imagine the enormity of such a challenge and i wondered if i had the courage to do something similar. Precisely this was the challenge that Arjuna faced in the battlefield when he saw that he has to fight his own kith and kin. And look at the challenges that we get bogged down with- Exams... job interviews... presentations...postings...promotions...

Movie is over and i go about my daily affairs but i cannot help but think about that mother who was actually connected to the self. That spirit inside us which we never acknowledge. i can only salute a thousand times that courageous and righteous woman , the mother. My head bows down in worhip to that divine light which illuminated her path and also gave her strength over weakness, the power, the determination to choose right from wrong and thus take action. She saw, faced and conquered. i too saw but can i conquer that is the question. Not to worry i have heard, i have seen and have understood that once you become selfless you become powerful and fearless. At least i know now what ABHAYAM ie fearlessness means and i eagerly look forward to listen , understand and reflect more. It definitely should be one step at a time...to be contd.


  1. it is true shivani-the mother in us has to face life in a different way many a times-with different perspectives-undauntingily finding and seeking the best for our children.since hv faced a similar situation so can relate with the movie and your write up.gr8 going!

  2. Dear Rashmi thanx for the inputs. Glad to feel that we share common experiences.You are a real motivator and i am glad i found you.

  3. Very good writing. I like the way you are not fearful of expressing your doubts. Now, go one step ahead...

  4. thanx Chabracadabra ! will do...:)

  5. Thank you...i feel really nice that you read my blog and have something to say too.Surely will try as u said but let's see...:)