Thursday, February 11, 2010

look no further

i really don't know if this is comforting news or otherwise when i saw in the newspapers that now performing poojas is just a matter of the click of the mouse. The mob mentality did incite me to go ahead and follow the rest but something stopped me before i could trouble my husband in the office to ask him as to what denomination pooja should i go for. It was my same questioning self which raised objections and this time my husband is spared of the accusations. i asked myself -why do i need to do that for? Who exactly am i trying to appease? What benefit will i be recieving ? The answers that i got could not convince me and so i chucked the idea totally.What is it that stopped me this time? For so long i had been thinking faith is blind but only today i knew that faith has been falsely implicated. It is us. There are so many things we do, all in the name of religion and has it brought us anywhere close to God? God is too farfetched in fact we are drifting far apart even with our own kind. By performing such poojas who are we trying to convince? None but ourselves because i understand poojas are not only done for the sake of doing it but also to imbibe a sense of discipline. That sense that i will take time out, get up early and if possible try to make it to the nearest temple will perhaps suit me better than to blindly log online and use the credit cards to do the abhishekam/archana. It will definitely give me more happiness, most satisfaction and in the end i will feel less guilty of bribing my way into Heaven. Moreover when the easier path has already been provided by the Lord Himself that of Nam Sumiran which means whenever you can and wherever you can , you can reach Him. Do i need to look any further?

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