Thursday, February 11, 2010

life is beautiful

There's a lot around to give pleasure to the senses if we just stop to soak it in. i just wish i have the right words to explain how this particular explosion of green delights me every time now. And though this delight fills me up and i feel refreshed yet there is a strong urge to freeze it. Maybe it it similar to the urge that one has of owning the thing that one finds beautiful. That feeling to have it forever but then can anything last forever? And then i understood what ''bliss of solitude "means. Only thing that with our gadgets in hand we can in some ways make things last forever. But however moments can be frozen we will always miss out the other part...that live part. i sure did feel the same emotion on seeing the new shining foliage and it gave me the same amount of joy as it would have given William Wordsworth ,when he saw a burst of golden yellow and so beautifully penned down "...beside the lake beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze...". Only thing is i am incapable of composing one to explain the joy of this lovely spectacle. At the moment i can only feel thankful to nature for giving me this joyous moment and i know that it will last forever in my mind's eye...everything...the glistening green and the gentle breeze. i am also thankful that i have the leisure to enjoy every bit of it. i was able to see the tree shed it's leaves and marvelled at the beautiful silhouette of the bare tree after dusk and how striking the parrots looked when they sat on the bare branches calling out to each other and i shall soon see the green lost in the immense burst of faintly sweet- smelling , yellow blossoms. i feel glad that i can refer to this wonderful tree by name and i know that it is called Copper Pod or Haldi Gulmohar and not unless i befriend a real lover of nature garderner will i know the Tamil name for this , till then manjal poo maram will suffice.


  1. true.."a thing of beauty is a joy forever" isn't it shivani?i find the same essence in your write-up!keep up!

  2. This is my desktop picture now. Thanks!

  3. oh c'mon but thanks Chabracadabra that's very flattering but i feel nice that someone liked it to make a comment on it :)