Friday, September 2, 2011

Johnny and his Benjos

i couldn't help laughing when Rathore told me something unique about the people of Indore. He said that an average Indori would rather die happily eating than live healthy but sad... for no matter what health problems related to eating they might have they would not shy away from bingeing as Indore has lots to offer and any loyal Indori just can't help it. Even when a large percentage of the general junta (public) have cholesterol problems. He then cited the testimonial of his younger brother who is a successful surgeon at Indore. According to junior/younger Rathore the maximum number of cases that he treats are mainly the result of irresponsible and indulgent food habits.The moment the patient is told that he has to abstain from his favorites he/she shakes a dishonest but affirmative nod but the very next moment when they are out of his clinic they are back to square one, indulging in their sins of gluttony.
Is gluttony a sin then??? i asked him and this time it was his turn to laugh out loud nodding an affirmative and gesticulating with his hands that conveyed in a typical Indori style Not A BIT OF IT. A typical Malwa Hindi summed it all up, '' Bhabhi jee marna toh hai na...toh kha pee kar marte hai na..." ( Sister-in-law we have to die let's eat and drink and then die...)

After the laughter ebbed i correlated this about Indoris to my own self and realised that if  it's the love for food then i am also every bit an Indori. i'd rather eat and stay happy and fat than to be Ms Figurina bagging compliments from one and all but miserable from within. And, like the average Indori i too believe life is for living and enjoying rather than denying. Sure i too like them live to eat and not the other way around.

Naturally Rathore had to take me to this posh area called Palasia in Indore where there is the famous Chappan Dukan ( 56 eateries). For a person like me it was extremely difficult to choose but since the time was not only limited as i had to catch a train in about 2 hrs time but also just right to have a light snack, i selected Johnny Hot Dog.

i wanted to taste all but for starters ordered an Egg Benjo and so we were handed the plates...
As is visible one can see the onion roundels but would never know the light dusting of masala (spices) that made these special.

And thus the plate that was offered to me had these and the hot and freshly made Egg Benjo which we decided to share as we were gluttons eager to try more of what Chappan Dukan had to offer.
Rathore suggested that i open the top part and add the onion rings, some tomato sauce and the piquant green mint chutney. Can't express enough in words how simply scrumptious it was.Glad that i did as was advised.

That one man who promises good food with dexterity, cleanliness and a smile i suppose is the famous Johnny. i wish i had more time to know more from him than just his culinary skills. Of course i was told that his is also Vinod Dua's favorite at Chappan Dukan. Vinod Dua...the famous news man we grew up listening the news report from. Wonder which news channel he handles now for as far as i can remember i saw him on DD ( Delhi Doordarshan) in those years when TV was about Bharat Ek Khoj and Chitrahaar and...
 i suppose i could do more conversations with Johnny in my next visit but for the time being it suffices to have him here in my camera.

But apart from knowing more of Johnny i have to remember why he has there that board which says," Kripya maal lete samay hee payment davein naa pehle naa baad". Translated it means, " Please make the payment while you order, neither before nor after." And there were two such boards which said precisely the same. Why that before and after???
i am just curious to know if he also has to deal with truant customers apart from those hungry for more customers impatiently breathing down their orders on his neck... And if customers hassle him then it is shameful that they should do so to a man who not only prepares his own melt in the mouth buns and has priced his food very modestly but is one creative soul who names some of  his preparations as Benjo.
My rendezvous with Johnny is still incomplete and i am really looking forward to my next one which is going to be soon enough. Also i have to find out why i could not spot many fat people in Indore despite the fact that they indulge in all the gastronomical delights that their place has to offer. Probably they are also into heavy workouts at the gym...or anything else that helps them burn more than they eat.

And this soon enough would be what i would prefer to call my very first FOOD this gourmet's pride called Indore.
My visit to Chappan Dukan and the very famous night bazzar called Sarafa should definitely provide me with salvation of the gastronomical kind.
Till my next post which also would be about what i had after my Egg Benjo...stay happy and eat well...
Bon Appetit


  1. i think its better to eat and enjoy life rather than starving to remain slim!!.... people hit the gym later!! :D :D
    nice post and if i visit indore this place will be a must!!

  2. @Blaze...oh so good to see u here.Thank you for stopping by.
    Sure do visit both the places...Chappan Dukan at Palasia and the night bazaar Sarafa.:)

  3. I am 22 now...and i thought i have to control my eating habits to be slim .My mouth waters too when i see delicious edibles around. After a lot of effort, i can restrain myself now:) and after reading your post, i am beginning to doubt myself:)
    Whoever gave you the versatile blogger award deserves a pat on the back.You deserve it! There is so much good stuff to read and so little time.. will drop in every time i get a chance:)

  4. @Kiran thanks and it feels good to see you after such a long time. Yeah i was just too occupied to find some free time to tap the keyboard but here i am alive and clicking and shall continue to tempt you with more.
    BTW if i could i would banish this virus WTBS that has struck the world and making our kids bereft of the best aspect of living.
    The person who gave me the VB award is LEB(le embrouille blogueur). i do follow LEB but it's some 8 months now and haven't heard anything. i just hope the good soul is all well and wish for him to surprise me with new posts any day now.
    Hope to see more of you and don't be too uptight about this slimming thing. Don't hog unnecessarily but when life presents you with an opportunity to try something new and if it suits ur palate then i would say GO FOR IT.
    Besides slimming is not for such young turks who would be burning more than they are consuming.
    Bon Appetit and stay happy :)

  5. @Anonymous thank you but i wish some more words from you.:)

  6. This is delightful, you have a frank style of writing that is honest as it is refreshing. These days we say please enjoy but 'in moderation' but we should experience all the joys that life has to offer without too many worries - the sights and the tastes.

    I can say I have wasted a large part of my life not really having lived it - by choice and by force (a consequence of it).. but I am starting to live it.. a little slow but once it is my life to live( I am beginning to take it back) I will do more of it - living that is and less worrying. ... before I am too old to do anything about it.

    Yes be Happy.


  7. @ BM...Lovely that's my spirit too.That makes the two of us...let us enjoy the 'sights and the tastes' and live life.
    Thank you for wishing me well and wish you joy too.:))