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Bhagwaan and His Corn

"Ram's Horns"Adinkra symbol for humility, strength, wisdom  and learning
Bounty of Nature
by Margaret Jang

The bounty of nature does inspire
nourishment for your heart's desires.
Breathtaking harmony co-exists,
in a loving, peaceful state of bliss.

If you watch carefully, you will see,
that nature offers all your needs.
Abundance for body, mind and soul,
is shared, as you begin to unfold.

To be one with nature is truly healing,
through which you discover innermost feelings.
You will soon feel soothing calm evolve,
with problems diminished, all will be solved.

And if you stand to look across the sea,
you will find endless possibilities.
These are just waiting to meet your gaze,
with clarity, you'll see through the haze.

The bounty of nature will always share,
it's wonderful gifts beyond compare.
Once you realize how lucky you are,
appreciation will take you afar.

When we set out for Sri Omkaareshwar Mammaleshwar i had noticed the colorful plastic makeshift tents of the vendors on both sides of the road selling roasted corn on the cob. i found the sights of these colorful tents some fluorescent green, some yellow, and the artistic arrangement of corn by some vendors in the monsoon drizzle very beckoning. But not the corn per se. The fact of the matter being that back home in Bihar i have really never relished the taste of the roasted corn even when dabbed with a generous amount of a paste of lime juice, salt and crushed green chillies. For although the paste layer tasted piquant enough i found the taste of the corn really bland. Moreover the kernels felt rather chewy and hard even when it was roasted black.

But the very next day i regretted my decision for overlooking and underestimating the corn being roasted in those bright colorful tents. On way to Sri Mahaakaleshwer
and passing through the Sanwer Bypass our dear friend and guide for the day Rathore was shocked to learn that we have not yet tasted this specialty.
"Arre Bhabhi jee the roasted corn on Sanwer Bypass is very famous. Tourists generally throng this place during this monsoon season to grab a bite of this specially roasted American corn..." he exclaimed animatedly.
Thanks to his persistence/insistence we pulled over and got down for some corn tasting.

And boy! am i glad to have had the earthy smoky hot corn which tasted juicy, mildly sweet and very tender. The cool feathery drizzle and the hot roasted corn...what an experience!!
i can't believe i gobbled a whole big corn and cared less to rub it with lime juice for i simply loved the taste of this corn sans any flavoring just as it was. Simply delicious!

Indigenous Coal Oven

A close perusal revealed very well how the fresh tender corn got it's special flavor and aroma.These were roasted over coal/ charcoal fire. No wonder then the ones that we roast over the gas flame always seem to lack something and the corn enthusiasts want to rub all kinds of seasonings over it sometimes even over indulging in butter.

The young teenager boy who was helping his elder brother in peeling off the husk looked quite dazed at me being quite hyper. So i started talking to him and asked him if the corn on the cob that he and his Bhaiya were roasting and selling was bought from somewhere or whether it came from his own fields. His answer gladdened me for the corn that was offered to us was from his own field and not some imported stuff.
Call it a coincidence or just something for when i asked him what his name was, his perplexed countenance made way for an amused smile and he said, " Mera naam Bhagwaan hai."

Bhagwaan's Corn
Bhagwaan's Bhaiya
i asked him if i could take some pictures of his khet ka corn. He nodded in the affirmative and i hastily took some cyber shots while the vehicle honked for me to embark and set off on our road trip once again to get a glimpse of our Bhagwaan who is also known as Swayambhu in Ujjain.

Couldn't help but remember Sant Kabir later throughout the ride to our destination. What was that he said about searching for the divine?
Saheb teri sahibi, sab ghat rahi samai;
Jyon mehendi ke pat mein, lali laki na jai.
Meaning: O'Almighty! Your power dwells in every heart
It is just like the red color that although invisible resides within the henna leaves.
Kasturi kundali basai, mrig dhoondhe ban mahi;
Aise ghat ghat Ram hai, duniya dekhat nahi.
Meaning: The musk deer searches in vain for the fragrance of the musk everywhere in the forest when actually that musk lies in his navel and yet he is unawares.
In the same way God dwells in the heart of every living being and yet we look for him everywhere and are unable to find Him.
Bhaiya...will i see him again?
And yes as our Scorpio sped off and as i gazed at the elder brother and his tent disappear from sight i kept gaining still more. Some helpful insights. i realized that the roasted corn apart from delighting my stubborn taste bud also eased me of my anxiety. The anxiety, the nervousness that lurked inside me as i set out from Indore. Being a holiday and also the last day of Saawan/Shravan Pooja  all i was worried about was the sea of humanity pilgrims thronging the Temple premises and whether i would be fortunate enough in my attempt to have a glimpse of  Swayambhu. For i also believe that until He grants His blessings we can only at best plan. Maybe by offering me that corn Bhagwaan dispelled those nagging and irritating thoughts which was proving to be a major dampener on my otherwise cheery self.
Also that just like they say that never judge a book by it's cover so can it be applied to all the bounties of nature. Sure taste like choice is a personal thing but never ever will i dismiss, ignore and underestimate these bounties again. Experience and Taste is the slogan for me now. Ironical isn't it when for many like me this day today it is Anti Corruption.

Thus the ride to my destination was even more delightful as i gazed to my hearts content the 'Bounty of Nature', fresh green fields of corn, soyabean, cotton, marigold, vegetables, vast stretches of the prized timber Teak with large leaves the monsoon with lingering taste of Bhagwaan and his corn on my palate, ease in my heart and self enriching thoughts of Kabir refreshing my mind.

This version sung by Bhupendar although beautifully rendered is incomplete therefore i seize this opportunity to
copy and paste the complete great words of Sant Kabir with translation. My sincere thanks to


मोको कहाँ ढूंढे रे बन्दे, मैं तो तेरे पास मेंMoko kahan dhoonde re bande, mien to tere paas mien
Where do you search for me oh humble seeker, I am within you or very close to you. 

ना तीरथ में ना मूरत में, ना एकांत निवास में
Naa teerath mien naa moorat mien, naa ekant niwas mien.

I am not to be found in pilgrimage nor in the idols and statues nor in the solitude.

ना मन्दिर में ना मस्जिद में, ना काबे कैलास मेंNaa mandir mien naa maszid mien, naa kaabe kailas mienI am neither to be found in a temple nor in a mosque, neither inKaaba (the sacred place of Muslims) nor in Kailas (a sacred place of Hindus). Here 'Kabir' says that the Lord is not present in the place of worships or sacred places of different religions. Great Saint KabirDas was the founder of Sant Mat and propounded the doctrine that the prevailing religions are all products of 'Maya', designed to keep the soul in bondage and real salvation is only possible through SantMat.
मैं तो तेरे पास में बन्दे, मैं तो तेरे पास में
Mien to 
tere paas mien bunde, mien to tere paas mienI am somewhere close to you oh humble seeker, I am somewhere very close to you; I am not to be found in the different practices you are following in the name of religion and rituals.

ना मैं जप मैं ना मैं तप 
में, ना मैं बरत उपास में
Na mien jup mien na mien tup mien, Na mien barat upas mien
I am not to be found in muttering of prayers nor in religious austerity, nor I am to be found in different type of fastings.

ना में क्रिया करम में रहता, नहिं जोग सन्यास 
मेंNaa mien kriya karam mien rehtanahi jog sanyas mienI am not to be found in different rituals, neither in denouncing world for contemplation.
नहिं पिंड में नहिं अंड में, ना ब्रहमांड आकाश मेंNahi pind mien nahi und mien, naa brahamand akash mien.I am neither to be found in Pind or Und, nor in the region of BrahamandPindUnd and Brahmand are the regions of lower existence of which our world is a part. Sant Mat founded by Great Saint Kabir Das propounded the doctrine that the creation can be divided into three grand divisions, the topmost being the region of pure spirituality or the region of ALMIGHTY; there can be no real salvation until the soul reaches the regions of pure spirituality. Here it is also indicated that all religions emanated from the region within the brahmanda.
ना मैं प्रकटी भंवर गुफा में, सब स्वांसों की स्वांस में
Na mien prakati bhanwar gufa mien, sub sanson ki saans mien
Neither I appeared in the region of Bhanwar gufa, I am present in the breath of all breath. Bhanwar Gufa is a region much higher thanBrahmand, from where Lord Krishna's advent took place (that is why Lord Krishna explained in Gita that HE had come from a region much higher than Brahma); here it is also indicated that Lord Krishna belonged to Bhanwar Gufa, which is much higher than the region ofBrahmanda but still lower than the region of pure spirituality. Kabirsays, that ALMIGHTY is the life of all life (breath of all breath); indicating that ALMIGHTY is the life source of all religions emanating from the regions of Brahmanda or Bhanwar Gufa

खोजी होए तुंरत मिल जाऊ, इक पल की तलाश 
Khoji hoye turant mil jaunik pal ki talash mien
He who is a real seeker will get me in a moment's search, I can not be attained through different religions and rituals; a true seeker, seeking in the right direction will get me in a moment. The cycle of births and deaths endless, here 'Kabir' hints that looking to the vast and endless cycle of rebirths, one can get the ALMIGHTY in a much smaller time by following the correct path. 

कहत कबीर सुनो भई साधो, मैं तो हूँ विश्वास में
Kehat Kabir suno bhai sadho, mien to hoon vishwas mien
Thus says Kabir, listen to me, I am only to be found through faith. 'Faith' that tells you that there is an ALMIGHTY and HE is the only might behind everything, when you have this faith you accept everything as having been done by him, without any happiness or sorrow; thus through freedom from happiness or sorrow, you become free from bondage of 'karma'.
                                              Arrey- oh/ hey
                                              Bhabhi ji- respected sister-in-law
                                              Bhaiya-elder brother
                                              Mera- My
                                              Bhagwaan- God
                                              Hai- is
                                              Khet- farm/ field
                                              Swayambhu-self created
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  1. After reading Kabir my mind rest in peace.But don't know how long.We need to imbibe this.Can we?I want to believe in your endeavor .

  2. @Gauri yeah it ought to be my endeavor too.To understand that God resides in all of us.
    But there is yet another wonderful feeling that i'd love to share.
    Each time i take a tour to places of worship which is a part of our heritage and culture i have realized that i get currents of positive thoughts. For those moments i am free of the whole endless lists of wants,desires,fears and insecurities which otherwise keep me restless.
    Although i would confess that all these get distilled into one whole...which for that moment is to have a Darshan.
    Maybe that's one reason i am never able to ask anything from the Almighty and the only words that escape is Hey Bhagwaan! Hey Bhagwaan!
    The visit to any holy site does that.For that particular moment even when you are not deep enough to feel the God inside you and in all,you are actually trying to focus surrendering your desires, fears and insecurities.:)

  3. @Blaze Thank you for all ur appreciation. Would love to see more of you. :)