Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday Surprise My Bin Mausam Barsaat

For want of anything suitable and wanting to relieve the mother which looked laden with fifty if not thousand babies i had very carefully relieved her of all her babies hanging here there and everywhere all over her and transferred them into a discarded wooden crate in which my husband had bought the season's first Alphonso mangoes home from the market. Not that we are Alphonso mango fans rather we have a major penchant for Malda mangoes and no amount of all that blah blah about Alphonso being the export variety can convince a staunch lover of all that has the flavor of Bihar that anything can ever match in taste, sweetness, color and fragrance to a Malda , that too a Dhoodhiyaa Digha Malda http://www.telegraphindia.com/1120616/jsp/bihar/story_15617787.jsp#.U85dpfmSwR4.

He purchased Alphonso an entire wooden crate of a box of it more as a rebellion. As if proclaiming his patriotism to his country grown produce and detesting with bitterness the ban that was imposed on our poor Indian Hapus aka Alphonso mango by the European Union for what he said was European Union's lame excuse more a conspiracy rather against India... Yeah that's what he had exclaimed about the excuse of one of the shipment containing fruit flies to be.
i guess that's the lingo these days. Lame...haha...i find the word funny though for in my mind's eye instead of focusing on the burning issue discussed i start imagining a cripple mango. Hahahaha imagine a mango escaping one of those boxes on crutches with a few fruit flies hovering behind and the funny clitety clat sound the crutches are making.
So much for my imagination running wild...when words are spoken...

Okay now coming to my mother...Kalanchoe who is also known as Mother of Thousand and her babies. They are no longer babies anymore. They have grown and are ready to be mothers themselves.
And i looked at them fondly counting the numbers because that many earthen pots i would be needing. They sure looked like they were ready to have individual spaces of their own. Then as i shifted my gaze to the left a flash of something deep other than green caught my attention. From the edges of the top of the crate. After that i have no words...just that we have a saying in Hindi for it...bin mausam barsaat meaning literally that it rains when there is no season for it to rain.
Actually monsoon has been playing hide n seek with Delhi and this i see...ironical...

Peeping from the side i see the winter/spring flower Petunia bud which is eager to open it's brilliance to me and strike me down with pleasant shock and wonderful surprise.
"How did you pretty one...when...",  i started having these conversations with the flower sitting there on the ground and wondering how it has found what it needed to survive when in this heat life has dried out like papadums ( crispies/crackers) of most of my flowering plants. This being a winter and spring one. How it has taken birth and gone through it's cycle to appear as a bud ready to open it's eyes...i wondered and had these conversations with the flower and when i was done i had to go fetch my camera to take these shots of the entire so that i could happily, fondly blog about Nature springing it's many surprises on me yet again this Monday morning.

Although i went about my daily chores i realized that sun was up and heat was steadily becoming unbearable i ran upstairs to check on the little baby Pinky. If it could manage to say hello to the bees, the birds and thus the universe or has it become a poor shriveled up dried shrimp itself.
i must confess though i had negative images as i took to the stairs but as soon as my eyes fell upon that Alphonso box i was overjoyed. The baby shone happy and fully bright and gurgling with excitement in it's crib.

My baby as i fussed over her delicate body was teaching me the essence that is oft repeated these days about living in the moment. i forgot my anxiety. Nature is a great teacher a guru of all gurus.
 i thought as i went downstairs that although the monsoon was failing us each and every time the clouds the harbinger of promising rain which only brought in more humidity left us in the lurch perhaps all that was good for my Petunia. Or else how was this possible when my Zinnias had shriveled up and even with all my hybrid sunflowers gone which are supposed to be summer flowers how did this delicate Petunia find what it needed to survive ???
For a moment i wondered if when at six in the morning i step upstairs tomorrow will i still find it there. Then i just let the feeling pass. 
Remembered the oft repeated words and it sure did work for me to carry on with my day as usual without getting worried about my baby Pinky upstairs in it's Alphonso crib soaking in all that humidity from the gunny cloth earth filled mattress below and the rest from the Heaven above.

Baby Pinky my bin mausam barsaat in all her radiant color and gurgling with joy was telling me the same which once Osho too had said, " Just live the moment with intensity and totality. Live it with as much joy as possible, with as much love as possible, with no fear, no guilt. "

Perhaps no one knows but i was definitely in grave need even without knowing my need to heed this oft repeated words more than anyone else.

Nature occasionally surprises us with events which are a little away from the norm but she also conceals much valuable wisdom up her sleeve. Who knows one day she might surprise you with a rain of of some which rather as a lesson feels like a blessing. One which soothes your burning with desperation, hopelessness and forlorn seeking solace and refuge from somewhere...anywhere... heart. And then the oft repeated word starts soaking in along with all that blessing that has just rained.
i went upstairs today and checked her out...she looked as beautiful and bonny...with the rest who had allowed her that snug corner in a manner that she could keep her face out and keep saying hello to one and all.

Just before i quit i would love to share my ideas about my breaks...my self induced projects related to my green babies. Feel first delighted to introduce the Mother of Thousands...my Kalanchoe...with her serrated lovely green leaves...all her babies were hanging all over her...now in that Alphonso crate of a box.
Her babies some of them have already been lifted from that Alphonso crib and assigned their own space like these...
Now precisely twelve more to go...so that's how my Wednesday is going to be if and when i am going to take my break. But wonderful thing about my Green Wednesday is that my Baby Pinky will be there to greet me with her bright radiant Hello and keep me company in my happy green break.


  1. Your love for nature is on another level. What a remarkable way of using the box!

    Loved the pictures.

    1. Saru thank you for being my first the very first prompt visitor. Now i don't know what u mean by ' another level' but yes i derive most of my ingredients of happiness from nature and then there are times when i am in my blues. Even then my Guru...lifts me up from that dark abyss of hopelessness as i have just mentioned.
      Thanks also for appreciating the ' Alphonso box' and it's use of it. :)

    2. By another level, I meant unparalleled, very few people do things with such passion. :)

    3. Thank you dear Saru for letting me know how you feel and what you really meant. You see i am a bit crazy about my babies...to me they feel very real much more than real people around me make me feel. i am totally myself, confident and so secure when i am with my babies...for that matter in Nature among trees, birds, insects, earth, wind with the sky above me. I don't really know if another word for it is passion. i guess i am just being selfish...taking...soaking...gaining. Passionate people do much much more don't they Saru???

  2. Nice pics ...spl d pink flower with dews ........superb

    1. Salila ! feels so gud to see u here. Yeah the Petunia very pretty. The water droplets there after my watering...dew aur iss mausam mein...no ways.
      Pls keep coming and seeing i keep posting pics of mine now.
      Thank you so much :)

  3. Awesome clicks of your baby Shivani... Great snaps.

    1. Alok thank you so much for the appreciation cause i am a beginner at manual shoots and am struggling hard. Most of my pics get hazy because of my hand vibrations and many because of other reasons. i feel so encouraged when you say they are great. Much obliged that you could stop by at my post. :)

  4. Peeping tom in abandoned mango crate.what an idea.hats off to u.brillient pics.

    1. Gauri hahaha...the way the face is out...yeah peeping Tom. No idea but necessity is the mother of invention. i had no container large enough to hold 50 or more odd babies of The Mother of Thousands.
      Thanx for stopping by and happy with ur compliments too.
      love and hugzzzzz.

  5. I like that idea... I have converted old tubs, water buckets and even an old toilet into a flowering pot :) those are petunia's beautifu;

    and that is such a lovely colour .. that is a brilliant idea I loved it..


    1. Thank you Bikram and like i told Gauri that idea happened because of a need and i had to make do with what i had in hand.
      Yeah there is going to be another post soon about what you just mentioned. Won't say anything now, you'll have to come and see it for yourself when i take the pics and do the post. i was inspired to do so ever since Alok another blogdost suggested that i share with readers what i do for my daily breaks.
      Hope u don't miss that one. :)

  6. Lovely pic sand such a sweet description, Shivani.
    I really marvel at your choice of words that make your love for nature so evident...
    "The baby shone happy and fully bright and gurgling with excitement in it's crib."

    Loved the creative way to use the Mango-crate. Have you planted Mango trees in your garden?

    1. Thank you Anita...you are sweet. Folks at home sometimes laugh at me when they see me fussing thus. But I don't mind their laughing and dismiss them by telling them...if u had pets wouldn't you talk to them.
      Loved the fact that u understand my feelings. Yeah the mango crate...more due to need for a large container to hold so many small babies.
      Anita if i could i would love to plant one Amrapaali Mango in my garden. It is one odd area...and the small area that receives sunlight i have it as my vegetable patch. Maybe i will take some pics and do a post and show you around . Also explain that i had to satisfy my husband's desire too. His wish in that odd space to have a green lawn too. However there r plenty of mango trees in my area. Watch over for my posts...you shall see...
      Love and hugzzzzz

    2. Research has proved that plants do respond to our speech & care :)
      Otherwise called 'fussing' :) Cheers!
      I am sure all your plants love you a lot, Shivani :)
      Be blessed!

  7. as usual superb details and beauty :)