Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid Mubarak

i know where he gets his trait from. i notice it each time and every time. His heart going out for the one who does not stand a chance. Knowing very well from the beginning that the game for the player is a lost one. Yeah he is always cheering for what the world has one word for...the Underdogs. And even when the game is lost he elaborates in great details of the outstanding abilities displayed by the lost team. He even remembers the individuals and their particular strokes and shots. i find it strange that when the animated discussion would be centered around the winning team he would be miles away dwelling into his favorite scenes. Replaying them and smiling within himself. Can't miss the glimmer of joy and satisfaction that i see then as i lift my eyes just to read his thoughts. As if he is saying, "Win or lose doesn't matter they DID IT and FAIRLY WELL."
i know it is in his genes...passed on from generation to generation.

From the chinks of the concrete i saw this tiny plant emerging and since i love foliage i just let it be. It has been growing and i had noticed the bud few days back. Then a couple of days back i saw the cute itsy bitsy teeny weeny looking like a daisy flower.
This time i found it so endearing that i devoted my entire attention toward it's furry stalk and the foliage which reminded me so much of that of chrysanthemums only thing this pretty cute one had a richer deeper color in it's green wardrobe.
At this moment i was seeing just one cute beauty and was thinking about not only of God Almighty but also of The him i was talking about in the beginning of my post. i was dying to share this find with him. Tell him all about it. That as a kid i was told it was a weed and how cruelly it would be yanked off the moment it would be seen. But resilience is all that she teaches and also hope. i was happy to see another bud there too which meant more of these cute itsy bitsy teeny weeny daisies soon for me and my concrete wall. The cutie throwing an aura that made the ubiquitous look somewhat divine.
Till today i had no clue as to what this cute beauty is called. So while i spoke to my sister over the phone i expressed my desire specifically to her knowing very well that her husband would definitely help me out in telling me the name of the lil stunner and probably more. He had actually, earlier but then i was not that sincere disposition for grasping of all the knowledge that he was imparting me with. i was just too distracted. It's not that it's his job that he has to protect the flora and fauna and all that diversity for he is the Chief Conservator of Forests but just like i react to this word weed he is also extremely sensitive about the term. So i remember him telling me the name but the fickle minded me let it all slip away easily just like water slips from our fingers. But i haven't forgotten his discourse on calling anything a 'weed' though.

Today i have it all...that more than a weed it is a great herb having antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory properties and the extracts of the plant is used for the treatment of wide range of ailments starting from boils, blisters, cuts, wound healing also encompassing diarrhea, dysentery and including serious disorders like diabetes and even cancer. i was surprised also to know of a recent study which demonstrates that extracts from the plant promotes hair growth too.
It is a well known in Ayurveda as a medicine for liver disorders and gastritis and heartburn too.
And name well scientifically it is known as Tridax procumbens so said that Omar Sharif look alike Chief Conservator Of Forest Co- brother of mine. Google did the rest for me thankfully.
Its common names include coat buttons and tridax daisy in English, Jayanthi in Kannadacadillo chisaca in Spanishherbe caille in FrenchJayanti veda in SanskritGhamra in HindiBishalya karani(ବିଶଲ୍ୟକରଣୀ) in OriyaKambarmodi in MarathiGaddi Chemanthi (గడ్డి చామంతి) in Telugu,vettukaaya poondu in Tamil, and kotobukigiku in Japanese. Probably there would be more but i did not have patience to serach for more because i got what  i needed. 
Maybe i was also just too happy to receive this gift like an Eidee from mother nature and i was in a hurry to pass this Eidee around to him...my son.
Eidee well from what i have known it is a gift given lovingly/ fondly on Eid Mubarak day to all youngsters by elders. It could be anything...clothes, toys, appliances and even money and of late gizmos and gadgets. 

i know my son would be delighted have a share in this Eidee too. It would give him yet another player to cheer for.  For this Coat button a Tridax daisy is an underdog too. Now knowing more about it's various winning strokes he might cheer even more forcefully and with more conviction .
                                                  I Learn More About God
                                                  From Weeds Than From Roses:
                                                  Resilience Springing
                                                  Through The Smallest Chink Of Hope
                                                  In The Absolute Concrete...
                                                 ~ Philip Pulfrey, " Weeds"  
To all my readers i grab this occasion in wishing one and all Eid Mubarak and a very very joyously green and happy Teej :) :) :)


  1. Eid Mubarak to you too Shivani :) And the shots are beautiful....
    -- Goa fun!

    1. Whoa...that was one prompt fast one Sid...u gave me an Eidee. My first one on this Mubarak day. Thank you so much. Wish you the same and i am in awe of ur shots too. Have to catch up with all of urs because they make me wander too amidst streets, valleys, lakes...
      Thank a ton. Cheers and keep inspiring me...yeah you do. :)

  2. Eid Mubarak & Happy Teej, Shivani.
    Wonderful that you have shared the name of this humble flower. I have often wondered the names of such and that's why wish to be blessed with IntelliZENce that'll give us info about anything & everything :)
    Great to learn- "Coat buttons and tridax daisy in English while Bishalya karani in Odia"!
    Next time I can impress everyone :)
    Knowledge is power!

    1. Heyloo beautiful...and hahaha...yeah impress u should but from what i have a feeling u will leave a plenty yawning in boredom than impress not unless u meet another one as crazy for names and as interested in nobody-ies. Share nevertheless is my motto...you have nothing to lose...you stand only to gain. See i already gained YOU.
      Thanks a ton sweet girl. Yeah i wish for that TechZen too which fixes the mind and sets things straight as it should be...ought to be...remember that post http://shivanidiwani64.blogspot.in/2010/08/knock-knock-knocking-at-technologys.html
      Thanx for your gud wishes too and wish you the very same...and today's special Happy Teej...wondering if u've done the henna and r u wearing all that green....

    2. Ha Ha! There are very few crazy people like me & you :)

      Nope, we don't have Teej in Eastern India. But, would love to celebrate it next year by wearing green & applying Henna! Pucca deal :) Have to read up what else is needed. I am ready to celebrate :)

  3. Thank u for sharing about'lil stunner".pic of tridex daisy is like'u found me'.happyteej and happy sawan.

    1. Dearest Darling doll...so r u ready to rock...how green r u i wonder. Did u get that henna done??? Send me pics.
      Thanx for going through my post dear...it was possible courtesy the one whom you'll be dedicating ur Teej and Saawan to. Grateful indeed to ur Green Bioneer...Mr Satyajit Singh. Cheers to Saawan and both of you. love and kisses.

  4. I am very late , Sorry about that have been away for the last 10 days ..

    first of all happy Eid .. so when do i get my Eidiii then :) and happy teej toooo , I miss my home back in india now would have had a gread day out on the festival and get to eat all that fooood yummmy

    thank you for all that info on the little flower :)


    1. Dear Bikram hey...yeah I have sort of missed ur friendly chit chat. Was guessing u to be busy... i too vanish from blogworld when can't get that easy leisure time to quietly type my thoughts. Ur Eidee well it is always there as and when u want it from all ur loved ones each and every time u r home...and even when u r far away...u know it that u r blessed and always wished well. From me too always...not only this Eid but always...
      Thanx for being here as soon as u could manage the time. i appreciate that and treasure it. :) :) :)

  5. I think winning or losing is part of life. Sooner you embrace it, better you'll be at playing games. Love your pictures, specially the second one.

    Belated Friendship Day to you :)

  6. Saru hey so nice to see u here this Tuesday morn. Yeah one day when sonna was preparing for his interview he has asked me once to enumerate 3 best things about him. Tell u what Saru i found it so difficult to list those three then...don't know what went into his resume. Today i can tell. Two with conviction definitely. :)
    Thanx for appreciating my photos...love it because it encourages me to do better each time i hear a gud word for it. And yes my next post is about something that has my pics yes but what i shall be talking about...well i am disturbed about it...quite a lot...and it would help blogdost...poet...writer to hear from you. At the moment i can only think of the savior and ask for THE ARRIVAL...

    1. Saru posted it...pls talk to me...probably urs words might cause a lull in my tormented heart. Thanx for showing that inclination much obliged girl. :)

  7. this flower shots are stunning :)

    1. My gosh coming from you i sure am so flattered this Wednesday. Something to be happy about. Thanks a lot. :)

  8. today i read many blog but i like your blog and one another blog which is hitanything http://hitanything.com/

    1. Apologies on the late reply. Thank you for appreciating. Yes when I am in a mood to read I shall definitely visit the site you have mentioned. :)