Monday, January 7, 2013

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes i feel i indulge in a lot of wishful thinking and among these i pendulate between archaic to novel. But how does something like changing the world sound? Stereotyped maybe, maybe cliched but that does not stop me because i believe that though i may be a small dust in this huge constellation i have my own very important role and if executed neatly i may be a part of the changed world. So what i'm trying to say is that the beginning should come from me.

Just the other day while strolling in the 'Healing Garden' created by a known samaritan and discussing and comparing notes with another friend of mine about our lives, we came to a conclusion as to why we are what we are. Of course nature vesus nuture theory did come up but also came the realisation that mostly we fall prey to our experiences in life and instead of turning into a healers we become predators. That is to say we fail to be true to our experiences.

There is this Greek myth about a centaur (half man-half horse) which perhaps will be helpful here to catch my drift. Chiron was a kind and gentle centaur unlike others who were rowdy and indulgent drinkers. Once he got wounded by the poisoned arrow of Hercules's bow and he got no respite from the excruciating pain in the form of death as he was immortal. So suffering his pain he became a recluse and withdrew to the mountainside to tend to his wound. Though he was unable to cure himself he became wise in the knowledge of all forms of herbs. His pain became his master and he grew compassionate to the suffering of others. He welcomed, treated and brought comfort to all who suffered in any way. In fact the French word 'chirungie' is derived from Chiron which means 'surgery' in English.

True it is that experiences in life mold us in many ways and when we are true to these experiences we can be healers and then it is already a changed world.

i just realised that while growing up and all this while, i kept promising myself that i will never hurt anyone the way i was hurt but i know that i have not really been true. i know of instances which i cannot count where i gave back what i got because i kept thinking that was the right way.

But now that this realisation has dawned upon me i hope that i shall play my part well to bring about this change. Realisation is the start and the follow up will not be a piece of cake but at least i can try.

Realisation-"We need to stay mindful of the fact that as wounded healers, we become transformed when we understand that our wound may be completely personal and uniquely our own, it simulteneously is a shared, universal non-personal process. We heal ourselves and others from our wound.''

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  1. Its not only wishful, but sensational as well. If everyone in this World started thinking like this it will become amazing place to live in.

    Welcome your thinking....

  2. @ Weekend-Windup thank you for stopping bye and sharing.Do u know it feels so warm...these words of urs? Thank you once again.:)