Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cama Cama Chamellia

i am most fascinated by this particular profusion of beauty only thing that i don't get to see these in our gardens. The most well kept gardens have similar looking roses. i  often wonder why. i had last seen it in a resort in Manali . Probably it's got to do with the soil and climatic conditions.
i wonder if this happens with others too. There is no silence inside, but apart from pure admiration and words as common as crows flooding the thoughts a parody of another kind starts happening.
Any song vaguely matching to what i see starts happening. Funny isn't it? Feels just like Bollywood movies. Mundane happenings and then suddenly some music erupting from nowhere.
This instance when i chanced upon the Chamellia and not one but the entire bush laden with blossoms, clusters  
proclaiming bountiful of health and prosperity music happened. i heard this happening inside...Cama, Cama, Cama, come and go, you come and go...OH OH OH ...loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, red, gold and green, red gold and green...

Now i know for sure that the colors for this Chamellia is always in the white-pink-red range except for a small group of southern Chinese and Vietnamese species that have pale yellow to bronze-yellow flowers ( Thanks to my BOTANICA The Illustrated A-Z of over 10,000 Garden Plants and How to Cultivate them) nevertheless thank heavens i heard just music and was not sensing any loss of words, rather was flooded with lovely thoughts... words that made sense.
"... Every day is like survival (sur-vi-val),
                                                 You're my lover (you're my lover), not my rival.
                                                 Every day is like survival (sur-vi-val),
                                                 You're my lover (you're my lover), not my rival..."

Although when Culture Club and the lead singer Boy George sang this he definitely meant something , yet thanks to Chamellia i was listening/ hearing him. Deep within again some realization was taking roots. And even though i was copy pasting stanzas, it all made sense today. i mean the song of the 80's which was my favorite to sing for school excursions made real sense today.

In an interview, Culture Club frontman Boy George explained: "The song is about the terrible fear of alienation that people have, the fear of standing up for one thing. It's about trying to suck up to everybody. Basically, if you aren't true, if you don't act like you feel, then you get Karma-justice, that's nature's way of paying you back."

It's strange but that's how it is. The more we are in nature, the more enlightenment we receive. 
Whichever way it happens. This instance for example. i know of these beauties by name today Chamellia, lovely to say the name itself what to talk of their glorious beauty. But i had danced to the  # 1 for quite sometime song before. And i am left pleasantly wondering as to how this enlightenment happened. 
Had i not chanced upon the flowering shrub, i would be bereft of the music and the essence.
Thank You Chamellia for reminding me to be true and to stand up for my convictions and Thank you Boy George for Karma Chameleon. 


  1. Very true.
    And the songs of the eighties were of the Golden era even in Bollywood as it was the deadly combination of R D Burman, Kishore Kumar, with lip synch by Rejesh Khanna / Amitabh B and the like.

  2. Thank u Haddock and sure agree to what u have to say. It feels really nice to see u here.:)

  3. @ Rashmi hey, and it's also really nice to see u here.i shall remain happy with this feeling. Thanks a lot :)