Monday, January 7, 2013


Sometimes it is possible to overlook that which is extraordinary. Not unless the designer is smart enough to guide your eyes to the entire lot in a manner that is gradual, rhythmic and harmonious.

It so happened with me just the other day which i happily chronicle as an eventful day. What attracted me first was that which looked like exotic buds/ fruits of some exotic tree.
And just like how the eyes should travel from the focal point, to the color scheme, to the object d' art so did the Master craftsman guide me to that which i found to be the most extraordinary. So much so that i had to single it out to admire the craftsmanship. No jump and start business but just the movement of the eyes. left, right, center. From roots to the tip... . No sizing up here just pure admiration.
Cutwork in nature i muttered and while i marveled those famous words rang inside, " Every leaf a miracle". Awestruck i wondered about The Who, The Artist and naturally the eyes again traveled towards the clear latticed sky to view the glory, that rich spectacle of color and form.
Thank you Master Craftsman for making me see something extraordinary. That which i could have easily overlooked had it not been for your superb designing skills.Thank you very much indeed !!


  1. Shivani, I'm liking your flirting with Botany these days! I like plants, leaves and looking for unusual designs in leaves is something I like and enjoy doing.

    But the plants you have posted here, I haven't seen. Thanks for this lovely treat.

    Joy always,