Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Initially i was uncaring but just recently when i was gheraoed ( sort of mobbed) by strangers in a upmarket beauty salon including the chief hair stylist i thought that it was time that i shared the secret to the world.

 i had accompanied a friend of mine who had an appointment there and the moment i sat with a glamour magazine waiting for the coffee to arrive i was approached by not one but 3 pretty done up young ladies who wanted to know which brand of hair color i use and what the name of the color is.
i was hesitant and doubtful and felt like lying at first and i actually did when i just fumbled-'' Errrr! actually it is but natural."
How could i go on to explain the whole story. But while i had uttered my lie i realized that the heavily booked for the week hairstylist with whom my friend had fixed an appointment a month earlier had meandered in with some more and all her gadgets hanging around and the goddess of all hair thing proclaimed looking at me straight in the eye-" Oh! this is that new henna Javed thing but let me tell you this -you should try what we have here...the latest with NO AMMONIA... ." i felt like laughing but tried to control. She sounded so fake trying to imitate Penelope Cruz and i also wondered if imitation is another sort of marketing strategy and if that's what helps her sell then it was wierdly funny.

i wish i could reproduce that look...the presumptuous, bossy, i- know- it- all look through my narration but am incapable of reproducing the next look either which was even better when i lied again-" No trust me Ms Hair Expert!, sry i don't know your name but my hair is natural although i do treat it in my own special way and sure i do use henna as the main ingredient."
i don't know if it was my way of speaking or the curiosity to know that Ms Hair Expert sobered down and expressed a sincere desire that i share with her and the rest my recipe for that color.

Of course i had to narrate it all but it was in pure honesty and the complete truth. But the admiration i got later sure warmed me because i had underestimated the power of household handy tips with the added bonus of the newly forged friendship right there and then itself.
My friend who was a bit irritated for having been stood up looked towards me and winked that wink wink which gave me the added courage and pleasure of sticking to my lie because she knew my secret.
She knew that my white lie had an iota of truth in it after all.
Oh i shall be more than happy to discuss the truth. But first my true recipe and the procedure.

Recipe for Hair Color :
1.Fresh Henna leaves-and if you can't get fresh leaves then the dry henna powder can be used.
2. A handful of Red Hibiscus flowers-but if you can't get the flowers then even the leaves of the hibiscus shrub are good enough.
3. Beetroot juice (Depending on the length of your tresses-big, medium sized or small- 1 beetroot to be grated and the juice squeezed out. Don't throw away the leftover-use it for cooking anything-soups, raitha, or mix it for vegetable cutlets)
4. If you are using dry henna powder then some tea decoction for the paste.
5. 1 tbsp of coffee powder preferably fresh ground coffee bean and if that is not available then instant Bru or Nescafe coffee powder should suffice.

Henna Leaves


Coffee beans
Procedure: The entire ingredients are mixed in a blender which makes a sticky paste. Finally apply it in your hair and leave it for minimum half an hour and wash off with just plain water. Do not shampoo your hair the day you apply this henna paste. At night give your hair a nice warm oil massage and shampoo your hair the following day. In order to get the best results you will have to repeat the procedure every week once. In about a months time your hair will not only look beautiful but also feel rich with all it's body and bounce.

Advice: If you are susceptible to cold, sinus, asthma then this may not be suitable for you.

Finally the iota of truth in my lie is that in order to get the exact hue that my mane has you need to have dull, dry, lifeless, light colored, malnutrition-ed original hair. Something that looks like straw,( hay colored).
Maybe one might have a richer color like this and may lack the body and bounce. Even then i feel that my henna paste may add to its richness so far as color, body and bounce is concerned.

 Trust me on this. Hair that has no body nor bounce. Hair that stands in it's place refusing to settle down unless the hand is used to press it down.
The hue that my hair has and the body and bounce that it supports now is all because of this magical paste which is a part of my weekly routine once every week unless i am traveling.
i do feel good about the feel and the compliments my hair gets me but the added bonus is how a bonhomie, a kind of sisterhood is forged all because of something that i was not happy about and something that i decided to change for the better.

Bereft now of my bungalow and my henna and hibiscus shrubs i have still been following my regime religiously substituting the ingredients with dry henna powder and adding some conditioning agent like egg white as just dry henna powder dries the hair still further. You can add the yolk which is best if you can tolerate the smell. No i did not try any of the ready made expensive mixes-Shahnaz , Blossom Kocchar's or even Javed Habib's which is lesser priced... but an year back i saw the commercial of one Godrej Nupur Henna powder. The mix claims of my ingredients and more. i make a paste of it with tea decoction and beetroot juice. i am very satisfied and it has worked just fine for me. As you can see.

That's it for the time being. Presumably will be back soon with more...Although cannot quit without an afterthought. If i can change and feel happy about my hair then i think i have the potential to change more...

Image Courtesy: images of Hibiscus, Henna Leaves, Beetroot, Coffee Beans and of the crowning glory beautiful wondering lady and also the beautiful lady upset with her hair lady from the Internet.


  1. This means none in the saloon knows this (recipe) unless they are reading this post right now.

  2. @Haddock thank u for stopping by. Sure they know now after i had shared. What they did not know or see was my original hay colored hair and they never will...nobody but my school frnds and my next of kin know the original hair of mine.:)

  3. Hello and Good Morning!

    Perfect timing, I was just responding to e-mails and I just finished reading your is very You....well informed, detailed and very well presented. You have taken effort to make it flowing and interesting with facts, anecdotes, emotions and images.

  4. @Anonymous...thank u frnd and sure it helps. For once i know my thoughts were not scattered and i was consistent in my intention and thoughts. Hope to see more of u dear frnd on my page encouraging me thus.:)

  5. Made a nice read even though I'm not gonna try it. Not that I hate changing my hair color, but that I've only 17 left :-p

  6. @Raja...hahaha...can't stop laughing...but hey..huh..hah...thank you.:)

  7. Hibiscus and beet root is a surprise. I think this won't my mother, she generally has cold. Thanks for the suggestions. Will let you know how it works for me.

    1. @ Saru Singhal see i told u so...some ingredients might come as a surprise. Yeah if ur mom is susceptible to cold it is not for her but maybe u can try but u got to be regular and follow the regime for best results. Hope it does work for you the way it has for me...all these years and not a grey...and no ammonia. Lovely texture with a good bounce and it feels nice whenever i put my fingers through my hair.
      Thanks a lot Saru for sharing my Recipe too. :)