Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's my hair !

i actually don't get it. i mean i am one year through and yet what i get from people is just warnings of all kinds about this city and especially the people that make this city. The most frequent being." Be cautious X Y Z is a pucca Dalhite..." At first it didn't strike what it meant and later during the day it brainstormed suddenly that Dalhite stood for Delhiite.(Pucca-colloquial meaning strictly/purely)
Puzzled and clueless and am wondering if stereotyping pertains only to people or can it be extended to cities too or is it the cities inhabited by a certain genre that gets stereotyped???

i must admit that sometimes the warnings do get to you. Enough to make you prejudiced and biased but once you become quiet with nothing but your thoughts talking to you then you question and later reject the stereotyping because then you are just influenced by your own analysis in which the quiet words are honest too.
i tried to keep myself to myself and not be overtly social. And i didn't even have to try hard because just like so many i was just too busy to find time for socializing. Also i had my self inflicted projects...the looking forward to projects that kept me away from the people in the housing society which i inhabit today.

But ' The People' have made their foray into my homemaker-with new personal project every alternate day -busy life.
i don't feel irritated but yes i do confess that i'm skeptical about the newness of this association.

Why the skepticism???
For one thing i feel that today to be recognized in this Whose What World you got to be Something. Nobody is interested in you if you are a NOBODY.
i actually prided in being a nobody because it made me so unique. No credentials to flaunt, no extra talent and heavens! no moolah either to exhibit in various forms ie through blah.
And i won't say that i was happy, extremely happy at being my own Nobody self because at times i did crave for COMPANY.

Now the desire looks apparently and somewhat fulfilled because i have been granted that title finally.

A Somebody .
i get greetings and acknowledgement with the most warm smiles and of late some are even vying with each other to have me visit their rich cloisters.
Cloisters!! well that's another story and i'd rather stick about this that i am enjoying right now.
So now i'm a Somebody who knows much and hence in demand.

My skepticism is more about myself than any other because deeply inside i know that soon enough all shall be divulged and i shall retire to my NOBODY cloister of my own.

Apart from the other somebody attributes, of late i am being approached for the color and texture of my hair.
 In this post i shall let myself gloat over the fact that ' The People' have an eye for uniqueness even when you are the nobody.
So all these new friends who in my society have finally decided to grace my living room with their presence were not whimsical after all. Looking for an excuse to satisfy their curiosity and all. i do recognize that when they asked me about the hair color they actually meant it.

Ooh la it's my hair!!
Lemmme! lemmme first look at my hair now...that which has also made me famous.

To me i don't see any reason for not gloating on account of all that impression because only i know how my hair looked originally had i not treated it naturally. And sure i shall share this secret but later. Right now i want to emphasize also that in my attempt to narrate i am not trying to ridicule anything or anyone.

 i am just puzzled with this concept called Delhiite. Now i am in this city and i don't know how long i shall remain here but is it a matter of time when i shall be a Delhiite too???
Well for all the good reasons i would love to be a  Delhiite because i am beginning to admire the place for all that it's giving me. Sure a comfortable life with good facilities and lovely people too.

As for the rest i think some attributes are as universal as our feelings. And just like feelings each place has it's own uniqueness, it's own pace and it's own rhythm. i have for the last 21 years savored the Bharatnatyam  and i am eager to get into the Bhangra beat as well.  i can definitely choose my own pace but i wish people stop warning me all the time. My friends of yore, my husband and what is shocking as well as puzzling is from the inhabitants of this place themselves who have been here before partition and also from those after partition. Why are these people always warning me???

Talk about being curious-isn't it universal ?
Talk about being opportunistic- is it just endemic to a particular place??
Talk about being Vain- show me any who isn't.The degree may vary but aren't we helpless against Vanity???
Talk about flaunting- i got one valuable lesson even when it was from facebook- everybody is alive and kicking when it comes to flaunting even those who reside in the remote corners of the world and could just be as common as crow- as if the mantra for the day is PPPY. Project Protray Popularise Yourself. 
Finally as for the ostentation part  i think once anyone got the moolah to afford everyone tries to emulate what the rich and famous wear or how they live. Not everyone is Warren Buffet. Okay the degrees may vary but then i question myself that if i had the amount of dough to afford would i be satisfied with a small bare essential cottage or will i go for a villa with a pool and others the answer that i get confirms my belief in grapes are sour story.
As for Sucrew for screw, Sapring for spring an Parak for park i find it rather just too cute and comfortable and am often using it myself for the ease it gives my tongue and lips. i mean the words in English require more finesse in speaking and most eligibility than you can ever imagine because if you ask for wautur very few waiters will bring water for you and might say," Sorry maam we don't have that dish here".  The last time i said that the paar has gone i was begged pardon thrice until i had said paavur. (power)
Also when i had asked for the Pears soap i was denied at not one but three grocery stores when finally the gentleman (God Bless him for he understood) at the counter asked me-" Kya apko glycerine wali pierce sabun chahiye??" (Do you want the Glycerined Pierce soap???)
And God should bless me now that i have understood it twisting words in English can be.

As for my hair color and texture i was approached by some friends in fact many even in Chennai. How can i forget the big plastic disposable boxes that i used to carry to school to distribute willingly and kindly to all my colleagues who had pleaded for my hair recipe. That's another story which shall be divulged in my next post that none could ever get that texture and color because trust me some things are all but natural. Although my recipe in those disposable boxes were as original as me and i used it and still do regularly once a week. Even today for this week as i sit to click click another exhaustive post.
Sure i am the cat right now and let me be in this good feeling for sometime that it's my hair for the time being. And i hope it's something else not for recognition or fame but for the sake of companionship. Life can get very lonely at times and if some good soul even when she is a pucca Delhiite approaches me and wants to be friends with me then what's the harm!.

Wishing that the warnings should cease for me to savor the new mood in life and to be ready enough to face the consequences if and when it should happen it's time for me to call it the quits. Not that i'm expecting consequences but i've had enough experiences bitter and sweet about forging relationships but that should not stop me in any way should it?  i will like my hair continue to grow.

In any case i shall be back soon with more of my hair saga...the added bonus being the recipe for my hair which gets it's color naturally!


  1. Thank you Katney for stopping by.Will visit ur pages when i can and let's keep in touch through these.:)

  2. The transition from Bharatnatyam to Bhangra will be smooth I am sure.
    People are recognised even if they are a nobody. A nobody with a unique personality. Yes it is one's personality that stands out. (not the physical personality but the one that radiates from inside) There I go preaching again.

  3. The "Dehliite" tag sometimes seem justified. The climate, the landscapes, the Nature ........ mould people slowly. Not all Delhiite has to be rude and show-off-y, but more them will be like that than people who live in, say, Chennai (just random examples :-p)
    The stereotype reminded me of an old post of mine:

    On the other note, being a nobody may not be a good thing, but feeling like a nobody once in a while, and sneaking out of daily life to connect to Nature, can be a good idea :-)

    [I guess if you left-orient the post it will be easier to read]

  4. @haddock how nice it feels when u hear what u want to hear...nice, kind and warm words. No that's not preaching I would say. I would call these words as something that should be. Thank u for stopping by not only to hear but also to remind me what should be.

  5. Would love to see your comment here:


  6. @Raja thank you for going through and also for ur words. Gives me yet another perspective.
    Regarding left-orienting the page i must confess i am not too good with the html codes that one has to fix in order to get the desired results.i am using the free template that blogger provides.Nevertheless when i'm easy i will try another template.
    Thanks and will go through ur new post soon enough. :)

  7. Interesting read! Already looking forward to my next :)

  8. LOL, from the flavors of delhi to hair. Actually when you recommended me this article, I searched it on your blog but couldn't find it. Thanks for leaving the link.

    1. @ Saru...thank you for seeing this and because u saw this u must know the other post too in which I have written my recipe...for this kind of color naturally. U sit tight I shall pass u the link...
      Thanks for going through this...and hey since I forgot my recipe was not in this making u go through another post for the recipe is purely unintentional. Trust me...I am exhaustive when I blog and I myself forget what and where I have blogged what barring some chosen few. Hope u will understand and excuse me for being such a painful follower.