Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you Varun

Finally it's raining since morning in the hot and sultry Dilli of mine. And it being a Tuesday all i can think about is food. More so as i have willingly and happily subscribed to what is called Mangalwaari ( Tuesday fast). i tried to feel religious about the whole fast thing but as one can deduce from the introduction i am more than happy and satisfied to consider my Mangalwaari as the day of detoxifying the accumulated junk that could've accumulated over the week. It being my day off from the kitchen too as there's got to be no cooking till evening. Sure i look forward eagerly to an evening of simple dal roti and methi aloo.

Obviously! i thought it better to share some food news instead of anything else.

Quite recently i had been to Singapore and acted like a stubborn kid who wanted to eat her fish and chips only. i pestered my son to take me to that joint in the University campus where i had had my last yummy fish and chips, something called Megabytes in the Science Forum area of the National University of Singapore. But the best buddy of my son suggested a place quite near to my hotel explaining briefly why the place was a delight not only for fish and chips maniacs but also THE place for seafood lovers. i took his advice seriously and boy! am i glad !

This place is called Fish & Co.
i don't know how many branches they have but since i was put up in Orchard Road this particular one was in the shopping mall called Paragon very close to my hotel. This information about a swell joint so near to my lodging was also imparted by the same good soul. Jauntily and all a go we set out for this very convenient walk from my hotel to this joint. Hardly took 5 minutes to reach our destination.

The neon proclaims and the cooks in the kitchen remain honest and true to the proclamation.What i ordered was a seafood platter and it sure was served to me straight from the fire in a saucepan. Food served hot and fresh in a typical Mediterranean style.

The one i had selected from a tempting menu of quite an array was this Seafood Platter for 1. My picture does not show clearly the bountiful and scrumptiously delicious spread just enough to satisfy the craving palate and delight the rest of the gastronomical senses. That of an amazing sight and the aroma that makes one drool. Maybe the tiger prawns and calamari are visible here but let me share the entire rich and very satisfying meal that i ever had. My meal consisted of tiger prawns, calamari, dori fillet served on a bed of paella rice and chips. Not that i want to spoil anybody's appetite but just because i remember that cute Blue Tang/ Regal Tang- Dory in Finding Nemo...i guess Dory is another cute Piscean species in the already created food chain.

Here is another borrowed pic from the internet that shows all of the delightfully enjoyed by me platter. The Dori fillet is neatly tucked in the side next to the chips on one side bordered by a disciplined line-up against the wall tiger prawns on the other side. The bed of Paella brilliantly colored peeping between calamari rings and the tiger prawns. As the good soul had explained i loved the creamy layering/ stuffing of the prawns and the dori fillet with just the correct hint of aromatic herbs used.

 Although i was less adventurous in choosing my meal i have no doubt that the rest of the array-11 platters to be precise would be a gourmet's delight too. (i had counted the variety in the platter menu as well as those of just fish and chips which was about 8 kinds served that day- the 8 best from around the world).

Actually i loved everything about the place. The subdued yet distinct nautical theme which exuded a warm and cheery ambiance, the casual, inviting yet relaxed wall less dining area...the courteous Ferdie who not only understood just what would please me but was surprisingly very patient to all my dilly dallying while choosing my platter and oh yes his adorable and  unforgettable naughty smile...the  wooden fish design coasters...the anatomy of Salmon which was hand drawn on the black board with handy tips about the best way to prepare it and also to preserve the freshness, and last but not the least the freshness of the place itself in spite of it being a seafood joint. There was not a hint of that overpowering seafood odor that sometimes may dull and drive the hungry appetite away.

i had one meal a day everyday for the next consecutive couple of the remaining days and regretted not knowing of the place beforehand. For i was there for about a week and this one meal a day at Fish&Co would've introduced me to a lot many of that which i have never tried...to name a few like oysters, mussels, Atlantic cod, pollock, whole sea bass, swordfish, stingray... .
Although in those 2 days i had exhausted my cravings for fish and chips i was eager to introduce my exploratory palate to a lot more. Especially one that i had noticed on my neighbor diner's table. When i asked what that colorful, attractive looking dish was, Ferdie had to spell out rather show the dish in the menu. It was called Seafood Bouillabaise introduced recently into their menu. i don't even remember now how to pronounce it correctly. All i remember is that it was a special dish that is not served with any side dish unlike many others as it is fulfillingly delightful by itself. Maybe next time i will remember not to dilly dally and day one should see me ordering this Seafood Bouillabaise.

Before i forget although i could not try Teryaki sauce or the French styled tomato coulis i relished their sauces as well which were way above the ones i had tasted before. Be it the most commonly used for most fish fingerlings tarter sauce or something unique of Fish&Co itself the very famous garlic lemon butter sauce.

Yeah i have promises to keep for all those called tomato coulis, miso, teryaki for the next time along with many other main dishes... and i cannot quit without fondly thinking and missing that buddy of my son in whom i see all traits of a banking- on- for- all -great- informations- buddy of mine.


  1. Hi Aunty,

    It was very sweet of you to dedicate the post to me. I think you should become a restaurant critic! :)

    Best Regards,

    Varun Manocha

  2. Dear Varun,
    Thank you for rating me so...but hey i have not known much to be a critic...am neither a connoisseur...i just felt grateful to you... for introducing me to a nice joint...for if not i wouldn't have known and missed out on something so delightful ...and that was it. Further the purpose of sharing was also to let some know...some even if it is one... who might meander into the post about this lovely yet casual dining place...some like me who are just foodies and not connoisseurs. Who knows...i might just be yet another source for one great dining experience just like you were for us.
    Thanks for taking time out from ur working schedule to go through my post. i feel gr8 that u heard me and answered so promptly.
    Hugs and lots of love.