Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Superb in Taste this Caramel !

It is not easy to hum this song but i am humming it the entire day.  And when i am not humming then it is going inside my head the opening lines...Mreyte Ya Mreyte...and the rest follows as... hmm hmmm...
My Mirror, Oh My Mirror
Tell me who I am
You are me, and I am you, no matter how big you grow
to be and no matter how much you change
in my eyes you are still six, oh my mirror
I'm going to tell you my story
Tell me I am the fairest of them all
And the most sensual/ feminine of them all
Look and tell me what it is you see, oh my mirror
I'm going to tell you my story
Tell me why
My hair is not blonde
My hips are not small
And my lips are not full, oh my mirror
I will tell you my story
Tell me how
i can make it smaller
Or how to be beautiful in make -up
With my party dress, oh my mirror
Tell me who I am
You are me, and i am you, no matter how big you grow
to be and no matter how much you change
In my eyes you are still six, oh my mirror
Tell me who I am
Tell me who I am
Oh my mirror, oh my mirror, oh my mirror

The song has a sad overtone but don't know how or why it feels soothing. Maybe it's because " the sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts".

 i hum along going through each of the beautiful characters of the movie of which Mreyte Ya Myeyte is the soundtrack of. And i wonder what was so special about the movie that i am spell bound and sort of mesmerized.

Even now as i blog i see
Layale- hopelessly in love with a married man ready to drop everything at the honk of his car. i can understand her yearning to know the wife of her lover, doubting her own self and always wondering what exactly took away her lover to his wife every time . i can feel her obsession for that woman.
As a third party witnessing all this it is acceptable as i speak to her, '' Dump that sod! and silly girl why aren't you paying any heed to that handsome gentleman who even though issues a parking ticket excuses you each time because for him you are his "sunshine"?
Nisrine- Although eager and happy about her marriage is in constant fear of being discovered by her husband of her past indiscretions.
And i tell her, '' What rubbish can't you cook up a story about having met with an accident...while you were cycling...'' ?
Jamale- i am still intrigued by this wannabe actress who stages a fake menstrual cycle to remind herself that she is still young. This never say die woman who even suggests best for Nisrine.That the pigeon blood simulates human blood best and that just a few stitches and Nisrine would be as good as new.
'''s okay, you are beautiful still and when you can set things right for others how hard is it for you to accept the natural process of ageing?" i seem to be telling Jamale.
Rima- Always the only one in pants feels attracted to her lady client Siham and is besotted with her smile.
To dear Rima-Run!! Please! leave that country if you can and start your life elsewhere where you might not be incarcerated for your sexuality .
Rosie- i cry with this seamstress as she wipes her make-up sacrificing a promising relationship prioritizing her duty towards her elder sister who has lost her mind. i feel an intense respect for this woman who shelves her own desire bearing the pain but still nurturing intense affection towards her elder sister.
i cry and cry and want to hug Rosie. The only sound that escapes my heart is, Oh Rosie! Oh my dear Rosie !!
Lily-  Naughty Lily always seen collecting bits of paper from the road and stealing the parking tickets and when situation arose even creating a row with the cop if she had to. Her lost in time and still stuck to the sweet memories of  her lost love makes me fall in love with dementia. Provoked by her tantrums i am even more convinced that old age is nothing but childhood revisited.
i feel like chiding Lily as i would a child whose being stubborn in her tantrums- "Why do you do this? If you continue to behave badly Rosie will be forced to lock you up. Now be good and don't run around alone."

What was so special about the story which reverberates with affairs of everyday people dealing with their everyday problems?
Was it the intelligent handling of a non-intriguing, non-showy story about relationships?
Or perhaps the way the director has progressed giving an insight into the symbolism involved which makes it feel like you are not watching a film rather witnessing an artist paint a unique story using his masterstrokes.
And this painting where burnt sugar is used for symbolism is not at all like a crossword puzzle that one may find difficult to crack.You don't need the artist to explain his motive about the abstract form used.
Did it appeal to me so much only because it was a womans' story revolving around five beautiful characters Layale, Nisrine, Rima, Jamale and Rose? Although there was one more who enthralled me none the less. No it couldn't be because i waited also for the handsome police officer Youssef to emerge and provide me with the glimpse of the very conventional and traditional romance so rare these days.
Maybe it was the music too...sweet, melodious and haunting. Not only the title track but also the sad overtures that played in the background as issues were dealt with whether it was the Neat Wooing of a lady by a man, Terrifying Binding TraditionsSexuality that is not only Repressed but also Forbidden, The raging battle faced by us all sometime or the other namely Duty Vs Desire, The Pain that one is happily willing to undergo for the sake of beauty or last but not the very least the constant Endeavor of the woman in most of us to be in a constant state of Self Denial playing harmless tricks to convince ourselves that we are as good as 18.
Sure it was all this and even more. It was the poetry/painting that described/portrayed-
-the sweet and sour flavor which is LIFE
-the sticky relationships which do annoy us at times but we'd rather go through with it than escaping it.
-the pain which also brings forth happiness and fulfilment.
-the sisterhood that exits even in a salon where you don't feel one bit inhibited to express yourself honestly.
 and last but not the least the universality of human emotions.

Thus the song goes inside my head as i struggle with the pronunciations in Arabic and wanting to try caramel for myself.  i mean first making it with water, sugar and lemon juice and then tasting it, still hot.
Maybe even try epilation and see if it really hurts that bad.
Something else has happened too.                            
As of now Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are out and it's going to be the so Omar Shariffly, hopelessly handsome Adel Karam.

Adel Karam
Reeling under the spell of the movie Caramel i am not annoyed for having missed it earlier but rather glad that i  
have seen one of the best movies at a time when there seems to be dry spell of a delightful ensemble drama everywhere...even in Hollywood!
To all who care i would suggest- please watch it in company only if you are certain that your choice will be truly appreciated and enjoyed. If not watch it alone and believe me you will not miss having any company. For this "...a colorful and sensual microcosm of Beirut where several generations come into contact, talk and confide in each other..." is not everyone's cup of tea.
It certainly wasn't my husband's as he slept peacefully throughout the entire movie and woke up only when the soundtrack played in the end and asked me with a smile, '' Finnisse?...chalo put on the news now."
i did not feel annoyed at him at all like i would have normally mainly for two reasons.
a) i was saved of his constant interruptions and restlessness and 
b) The revelation that the song did have something to wake this somnolent husband of mine.

The Song- Sound track of Lebanese Film Caramel

Mreyte, Ya Mreyte

Mreyte ya mreyte ra7 e7kilek e7kayte
2oulili ana min
Inti ana, w ana inti, mahma kberti w etghayarti
B3youni inti setteh ya mreyti
Ra7 e7kilek e7kayti
2oulili ino ana a7la wa7de fihon
An3am wa7de fihon
Shoufi 2ouli eli tshoufi 2ouli ya mreyti
Ra7 e7kilek e7kayti
2oulili ana leh
Sha3ri manno ash2ar
Khasre manno asghar
W tme manno akbar, ya mreyti
Ra7 e7kilek e7kayti
2oulili ana keef
Badda asgharra
Aw yt7alw el 7amra
Ma3 fos6an el sahra, ya mreyti
2oulili ana min
Inti ana, w ana inti, mahma kberti w etghayarti
B3youni inti setteh ya mreyti
2oulili ana min
2oulili ana min
Ya mreyti, ya mreyti, ya mreyti
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