Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I see you

I feel enlightened in some ways even it was in a movie as i believe learning comes from all sides.Graphics, cinematography,imaginative futuristic story Avatar had it all.Oh no i'm not attempting to write a review but what train of thoughts occupied me even when i slept.Well the film can easily consume the entire coffee time or dinner time discussions but the most appealing was the "i see you" and was really so overjoyed that this good soul brought this up with this powerful media called cinema.
In this career,money,and finally status riddled world we are moving miles apart and never bother to just take time out and ask...where are we going and what are we going to achieve finally if we do get there.
How much pride i take in talking about myself and sometimes even giving a self pat to my megalomaniac self but have i come far or have i gone farthest in my sensitivity?
It's me me all over and one word that fits the bill is SELFISH.
Strange but while watching Avatar i could only remember Thomas Hardy and his novels which talked about nature taking it's revenge.I know i should've also thought about Malthus and his law of diminishing returns but the "i see you" reminded me how insensitivity to others lead eventually to your own decay.
Count your blessings and remember the love and warmth of the years gone by when we were less complicated. Someone just said the other day times don't change it's the people and i agree because each day we are changing and some for the good and some for the bad.Isn't it ridiculous that i talk about being sensitive to animals and trees and that's easy because they cannot retaliate when you are being brutal, cold or rude to their needs. What about my own kind- do i see them ? Someone inside me is also in a pursuit of happiness and i'm this close to it if only i can see you...fellow beings around and all creatures living and non living co-existing with me.
I hum the tune and just keep reminding that" this dream never ends "because everything starts with a dream and my pursuit will be rewarded if "i see you through my eyes....."


  1. shivani
    I get your drift completely.u,v truly said,its who "we change and not the time" and we are uselessly blaming the time"now do u get my drift?how many of us r botherded to look beyond our own needs?u'v interwoven the situations BRILLIANTLY!keep writing!

  2. Thanx Rashmi i will keep writing and also hoping that i do get inputs from you and friends...that only for the basic fact that it will help me grow.A fledgling does require some nurturing...