Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Well Done Vikas Bedi !!

i am sitting glued to the TV watching 'Her' whom i so much admired and at once disliked when she deserted first whom she got associated with and came into the national scenario as an ' Anti Corruption Activist'  then became awol from that association reappearing just in bits as a commentator on certain news channels but suddenly re appearing BAM! in a major way as a chief ministerial candidate for not one but 17 continuous days in a row.

The media reporting on the lachrymose glands giving vent to her emotion at times and other times reporting of her inability cope with a fast run of a mere 20 meter and gasp for breath huffing and puffing focusing only on her panting breath while they thrust the mike close to her face as they bombarded her with questions as she did her road show the other day. Probably just a typical media maneuver and i am suspecting not a clean one at that to report not only on her feminine theatrics but also to trash her physical fitness.
As if to proclaim that she being an IPS should've bungee jumped, done a smooth marathon or maybe  a Bhaag Bedi Bhaag emulating Milkha Singh to show her mettle run. Blah !
There's a difference between being a retired IPS officer and a Gym Trainer guys ...

Hats off to her
She once again gets to me to believe in Her. Yeah our very own Kiran Bedi as you would've guessed. i am taking about this great 'First' lady. Well 'First' for me and also i guess for all the women of India.
Watching her addressing the press and thus the people of India on NDTV.
Time is something around 1.10 post noon.

How to gracefully accept defeat and be clear in one's intentions...yeah that's what i am getting from her now. Not when she had decided to be the BJP candidate.

That's what i did not like. For quite sometime i thought she did it for her own vested interests. For the kursi...the lure of the seat and kept wondering why did she have to do that. That would not give her the power rather as a chief minister her powers w
ould be curtailed and she would cease to be 'SHE' but turn into a puppet. Whatever would happen to all her dreams of having anti- corruption pro poor working government fluttering the Tricolour at Ramlila grounds last year.  And all those tall claims about so many i wondered and wondered...
i am not quite familiar with politics and the games people play. i don't even follow political news either. Who quit which party joined whom does not interest me.
But what she is saying now and expressing without tears with her head held high is what i am believing.

Now as she speaks accepting her defeat with dignity, apologizing to the chief of the party that she joined first and later going on to express how it affected her to see people, small kids waiting to see her in the middle of the chill night just to have a glimpse of her i believe her.
i believe that she wants Delhi to be a ' World Class City'.
i am with her for ' Women Security' and applaud her to stop ' Child Trafficking'.
Finally i admire her for not only expressing that her best could not meet with the expectations that her party had of her but that she did Her Best.
Giving full marks to her opponent's party she applauded the efforts of the people of Delhi who have made their referendum in favor of Mr Kejriwal and she is happy about that and has no regrets whatsoever.
Also pointing out that her own party is a responsible cadre based party and will surely assess it's strategy and performance.
Reminiscing very briefly about Mr Kejriwal's association with the 'URBAN POOR' but bringing it to the fore nevertheless. Spoke about his hard work and said that she hopes and will always work in a way that his efforts are rewarded as a responsible citizen of the country.
The best part of it all that i am all gaga over, " I have not lost the election..."

And why do i believe that...because probably or maybe i might've had my differences too. i know we make teams. It doesn't matter which team you are on and always it's not about which team wins. It's about principles too and opinions too. We are born to be different. Let us agree to disagree and all that jazz.
But in the end it should be about everybody. It should be about GROWTH...for all...
As for me i am again Happy to have her back in my Look Up To list...to nurture a dislike is not a nice feeling... not good at all...and i am telling this to myself too...Grow up Shivani :)

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  1. She is phenomenal. Defeated in a petty election and not defeated in her principles.