Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bin Guru Gyan Kahaan Se Paaoon

Post updated this day today ie Feb 27, 2015...thanks to the prompt reply to my query...
i sincerely need to thank the kind beings who helped calm my restless for an id soul...
First and foremost my gratitude to Mr Issac Kehimkar whom i consider to be my Guru now and who advised me to send my query to a group on facebook namely
Here a gentleman called Mr Arun Kumar N helped me with the name of the species. So my sincere thanks to Mr Arun Kumar N for had it not been for him i would never have known the name of my tiny but having some hidden light of their own beauties. Today i know what it is. Vicia augustifolia...commonly known as Vetch or Spring Vetch and the nitrogen fixing plant belongs to the pea family.
However the essence of my blog remains unchanged i would still love for my blog to reverberate with feelings...Bin Guru Gyan Kahaan Sey Paaoon... ( How do i gain knowledge without a Guru)

Haree Aum, Haree Aum, Haree Aum, Haree Aum

Mann tarapatt Haree darshan ko aaj 

I crave to see Lord Vishnu today

Moray Tum been bigare sagare kaaj 

Without Your blessing everything is going wrong.
Nothing goes right when You are not with me

Binatee karat hoon, rakhiyo laaj 

i plead with You hear my prayer

Tumare dwaar kaa main hoo jogee 

I am a humble seeker of your door

Humaree oar najar kab hogee 

When will You honor me with Your blessings

Suno moray byaakool man kaa baaj 

Hear my ardent prayers

Bin guru gyaan kahaan se paaoon 

How can I gain knowledge without a Guru

Dijo dhaan Haree gun gaaoon 

If You bless me Lord Vishnu, I will sing Your praises

Sab gunee jan pe Tumaraa raaj 

You are the King of all educators as You grant Your blessings to every seeker

Muralee Manohar aas naa todo 

The one with the flute, do not let down my hopes

Dukh bhanjan moraa saath naa chhodo 

The reliever of pains be by my side

Mohay darshan bheekshaa dey do aaj 
Grant me your appearance today, i am begging for just one look at You 

Mann tarapatt Haree darshan ko aaj 
I  crave to see Lord Vishnu today

The song is a famous one an olden goldie from the fim Biju Bawra and composed by the great Naushad...but then when it used to play on the radio a few years back on the radio when we were kids we did not much fancy it. We would start tuning to other stations making fun of the semi classical tune. Complaining that it was such a sleepy boring song. Not peppy at all. But then it was the ABBA and BONEY M days.

Today the same provides solace and it's the cry emanating from the core only thing i cannot even sing it even as bathroom singer cause it's a difficult to sing to tune bhajan. So i just love to chant it as a prayer. Keeps me close to Ma my mother who was an intense Vishnu devotee. Makes me calm and for sometime think about the ONE who was supposed to play some great flute too. Lord Krishna.

Why i turned towards this one today is because of the particular line... Bin Guru Gyaan Kahaan Sey Paaoon.

i have known and read of many who were self taught...discoverers, explorers, scientists, musicians, you name it various fields and why Baiju himself was one. Baiju also earned a title as 'Bawra'. Bawra meaning one whose mind who appears crazy to the world. Baiju Bawra who beat the great music maestro Tansen in the musical duet on whom the movie was made from which this song which is my prayer is taken .  

Like i said in my blog earlier i am a seeker and need answers rather one too many. As for myself can't claim that i am self taught not really because starting from Nature which is also my Guru i have a lot many resources. Unabashedly i ask these days from strangers too. Answers to my queries which keep erupting. Be it relating to music and even some new jargon people seem to be using these days and being away from the mainstream circle i am not able to figure out the meaning of some when it is casually dropped on me in any conversation.
Yeah i am cool about being very originally desi ( traditional as opposed to being utterly modern)...and don't really mind if the so called hep janta (public) calls me 'behanjee' (rustic simpleton) for that.

Of late technology is where i turn to for assistance but the Internet leaves me in the lurch and eats too much of my free and quality time which otherwise i would love to spend feeling free. My mind and fingers occupied with the keyboard the entire day is not my kind of done thing. It chokes my spirits. Another disadvantage being that restrained in the confines to where i am seated i lose track of the main search and land up being caught in sights that the world wide web shows me of others not what i search but closer to what i had been searching. Thus i land up getting lost in some bhool bholaiyaa (labyrinth) if i haven't typed the correct key words or the correct name.
Like i said it chokes my bubbling with life spirit if i get lost and spent on my time and energy that way.

As i had mentioned in my earlier blogs my Guru Camera shows and the search begins. Sometimes it takes days. Sometimes months and my blogs with pictures wait in tow as drafts till i am able to identify. But many a times i wish i had a physical, living Guru to tell me stuff. Someone who i can be safe with who would just answer my queries and perhaps impart me with something more that would pique my curiosity further and just and let me be. Is it possible in today's world to have a physical Guru of the sort i wonder.

Now i came upon this beauty the other day and i am clueless about this beautiful creation of the Almighty. At the outset it appeared as grass...a thick network which perhaps was covering the large pot which contained my Sage bush. Sage bush also known as Barometer bush because it flowers beautiful small lilac trumpets depending on the humidity in the atmosphere. Now the bed of this large pot was covered with thick foliage and some of this tiny beauty...and i would've uprooted the entire thinking it to be grass...a trespasser sharing, no gobbling the resources at that moment i thought, of the limited earth in the pot...had not the glowing dazzling brilliance of the pretty beautiful things stopped me.

At the outset it looked like some kind of a tiny pea family flower but the foliage looked nowhere near and when i peered it looked like a twining creeper just like pea.

One specialty which although i notice again this time like all in nature. The tiny glowing with a light of their own inner beauty shone brilliant no matter how tiny they were from the dense green foliage like glow butterflies instead of glow worms that we have seen and i wonder if in reality we do have butterflies that glow as well as these flowers that reminded me so much of butterflies. Tiny swift butterflies...i wondered if such butterflies existed somewhere in the world...tiny but one that glowed...

Another feature that i just noticed and reminded myself to watch. This aspect in others now to see if the young ones of other flowers show such similar traits. The buds looks purple or blue but the full bloom tiny flowers this glowing pink. 

Well not only the flowers but also the pea pod like fruit of the plant makes me believe that the dainty butterflies belong to legume family Fabaceae ie pea family and the closest technology took me to was a plant called Lathyrus. Some also call Lathyrus as Vetchlings but i cannot be so sure. 

Thus my need...of a Guru...a real one who could tell me...if this glowing butterfly that has formed a dense network in my concrete pot...should i just let it be or should i mercilessly yank it off.

Because certain things in nature are nitogen fixing too. And i don't want to destroy. A thing of beauty which is joy forever. 
Somehow till i find answers i am trying to convince myself silly, stuff like, " let it be... the lush green foliage will help prevent soil erosion...keep the top soil intact ..."

Also i like all that green with the tiny glowing pretty beauties against the wall the paint of which is peeling and against the grey cement background the entire network of this looks so appealing and beautiful. Some intuition tells me this admirable beauty is valuable to my Sage bush...

 This time i could not make it to the Delhi Book Fair. For if i would have gone i would go there for one book specifically. But Flipcart Zindabaad i have the book on me now and i was hopeful of finding the identity of my butterfly flowers in it. The identity of my beauty isn't here but a whole lot of others is and the book is a delight to me.  
Thus i know now this gentleman is the only Guru who can help me.

In the acknowledgement section of the book the author Mr Issac Kehimkar talks about a Guru whom he never met but who "... has been like Dronacharya, from whom I have learnt identification of plants in the field, and like Eklavya, I could never be his student officially."

i know i have the name of THE GURU but i want Mr Issac Kehimkar to be my Guru...and it could be because of this book of could be because of his words that he has used in his could be just his love of nature i identify with. i don't know what...but at the moment i am chanting Man tarpatt Haree Darshan Ko aaj...Bin Guru Gyan Kahaan sey Paaoon...
And yes i am still clueless but happy and strangely not restless but calm...yeah it's the works...


  1. first of all those are beautiful photos and you need ot tell your GURU to shower some knowledge on me toooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    1. Hey Bikram hahahaha love to see you on my post and hear you and before i say anything else i have to tell you...sometimes u r my Guru too. When u hear me out and say all those kind words that what i want to hear. Yeah.
      Now just the other day i heard this in Soul Yatra. Remember that early morning programme on FM...Radio Fever 104 . When u r searching for something with clear intent u find it. Mr Sharath citing examples. A cricket lover will find with a reader or a musician...a poet...
      The intent has to be true and faking no fooling or hoodwinking into making others believe but just to be honest with what you want. The true Guru...Haree will direct you towards one.
      Seriously i am not making this up...i heard this the other day...and so it happened with me.
      Today i know the id of what i was clueless about just when i wrote this post. Thanks to Mr Issac Kehimkar who guided me and then one Mr Arun Kumar N told me the id of this beautiful plant.
      So dear Bikram i don't have to ask anything for you because my Guru is ur Guru too. :) :) :)

    2. hmmmm in that case it seems I am NOT learning well then .. :)

    3. Ahh Bikram now what that means I am afraid I don't quite know how to react to. All I can say that we r learning each day every day. You and I and everyone...
      Thank u for stopping by again. Was just too busy to touch my computer what to talk of my blogs. But henceforth I guess I will find some me time so will stop by on urs. :)

  2. Great blog! You pay close attention to the foliage around you and your photographs are awesome! Such detail! I too have bought plant identification books over the past few years and they are a huge help. 'Guru' would be the right word. :)

  3. Dear Archana thank Heavens I found you. I guess u can understand...this feeling...this intense urge to know. Once my eye catches stays till I have a name...sometimes even the vernacular suffices but I just must know a bit more than it being just a plant or a tree. Gosh each unique...each beautiful...and my faith in the Unknown gets reinforced. Hope u can understand what I mean. Thus the need for someone...who can guide and provide enlightenment. Yeah books are a big help I agree. Hope u continue to visit my blogs and share ur thoughts. Thank you so much for obliging me on this one. Makes my day to know that u liked my pics too. Cheers to our new blogdosti :)