Friday, December 19, 2014

Want a world full of Children but Without Religion

Yeah it feels nice to have this ME time...all by myself doing what i like best...speaking it out...sharing my thoughts. The sound of the keyboard as i type feels soothing like my own quiet heartbeat...although nice is not exactly how i feel...

Thoughts...many...and yet none in particular...actually there is chaos...and every time there is chaos i just turn towards nature...Almighty
...Nature and Almighty are synonymous for me.
For those who view me from outside but can only judge me might think me to be a religious person but then i ask...what is religion? And am i truly religious? Seriously i feel like a sinner most times and hardly religious at all. For only i know that in my thoughts and deeds how much or up to what measure have i been on the right track which did not impinge upon any other's. i choose as it suits my convenience and comfort.  i guess most of those i have known to be deeply religious have done the same.
The worst aspect of human nature...the one responsible for most of our tragedies...our propensity for self deception.
Nature teaches us each day and guides us every moment but do we care or even listen...we do as we please just because we first deceive ourselves and later want it that way calling it OUR WAY...

What just happened in Peshawar...
i am thinking if i am clean...are my hands clean or am i too like Pilates washing my hands off it all ?

It does not seem to work...this count my blessing thing and hugging my own child tight. Well to me it doesn't. i feel just too frustrated, angry. At everyone and everything...even religion.
i feel angry at the world my own country too...
i feel angry for all the guns being supplied...all the funds being given...all in the name of Jihad and religion.
i feel angry at the world for just mouthing words and doing nothing and sometimes i feel like religion should be wiped out from planet earth. If it means killing each other then let us all go back to the time when we were neither Christians, nor Moslems , Hindus or any isms for that matter...
All the isms in this whole wide world and yet we remain a barbarian and those who are not actually spraying bullets just talk and empathize/sympathize, perhaps light candles and then life goes on. So what's the use of any religion.
Right from the time of the Holy Crusade...killing...killing...killing...
All in the name of religion.
Do we really need to have this religion???

i fail to understand...Which God in which religion has said, " Kill if they don't conform" !
i look around me and admire nature which i deem as my religion and this if it can be considered as a  religion if at all, teaches me, reminds each one of us each day and every moment to respect and celebrate LIFE and it's many varieties...all creatures great and small.
For all the governments, policymakers and all the authorities ruling here there and everywhere it should be thus. To celebrate and thus respect the gift of LIFE .

Well children don't choose place or religion. They are gifts of nature and are born where they are.
Now after exhausting ourselves or perhaps getting bored out of the harangued targeting monuments, buildings, social structures and even suicide bombing suits we humans are embarking on a novel way to prove how deeply religious we are ...kill the innocent best gifts of nature...the children...

Sometimes i feel just like the roads of Delhi is not safe for women to commute in the night,alone, so in the same way it is not safe to bring forth any child into this world any more.
What's the use...
We have killed many of the flora and the fauna...and chances are that just like the dodos and dinosaurs many of the going to be extinct soon creatures they shall be seeing only in pictures.
We have polluted the atmosphere...and are relentless at that. i can testify to a certain extent because just for status sake i see in Delhi many a family of six will actually be using six SUV'S adding not only to the emissions but also to the never ending traffic snarls ...and this is just one example...
About garbage generation and disposal it's a whole big story altogether rather sometimes i daydream and have visions of our earth turning into a huge ball of wasteland.
The educated class just wouldn't care and those who aren't don't know.
Then there are pedophiles lurking around to make a mess of our angels and if at all the angels escape these candy uncles and aunties there is no respite from the tough competition that awaits them at school, college and university so on and so forth. The competition never ends making life an ordeal than a beautiful pursuit of happyness.
Yeah! anyway the competition is killing them. To deal with and get into the race and emerge out a winner is stealing their carefree childhood away from them. i don't see children playing around anymore...those that play are all gearing up for some competition at some level and by play i mean the CHILD'S PLAY.
i see no child actually play the carefree, gay abandon cute, self devised... games anymore...
And now we are not even sure if they will return home to us safely from school.
In America, Europe and elsewhere some psychopath will take a gun and go on a random shooting spree or else the self proclaimed Jihadis might target our if they were sprinkling pesticides over a if it was a job to be done with in that stipulated hour...
BTW i want to know from these Jihadis if they have been as pure in their intentions as Abraham had been. Have they used their instrument to spray on their own child and thus splatter their own walls with the blood of their own and only?  That is if at all they did it for Kurbaani / Sacrifice sake in the name of religion.
Strange thing this kind of kurbaani is... strange...
Never understood this kind of sacrifice too.

If there is an option then i would prefer a world full of children but without religion. How's that !
What a wonderful world it would be. Like a lovely garden...and that garden would be ringing with the cheerful, carefree rippling laughter of the best gift of nature...children...

Maybe i would like to laugh too and stop with this thought...although an unreal fictional thought. But so what... i want to stop here with this thought simply because it is nice and warm and oh so secure... :)



  1. Very true..... children don't choose place or religion. It is we as parents thrust it upon them and force them to follow it. . . . . . . in the bargain they loose their identity.
    Agree with what Clarke has to say.

    1. Thank you Haddock for stopping by...for having stayed put while i was away from blogosphere and for being the first to honour my post with ur lovely and kind presence.
      Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year...surely i will get to see all that in ur posts i know. :)

  2. Lovely post, Shivani.
    I agree with your points here.
    We are all stunned by the horrific attacks all over the world...
    I feel simplicity, innocence, love, openness... nice values can make our world better place.

    You have nicely expressed how we can ensure world peace.
    Do share your post's link in the comments section of this week's -IndiBlogger Weekly Diary for a chance to win :)

    Do watch the latest Hindi-movie- PK. I'm sure you'll love it :)
    Take care!

    1. Dearest Anita thank you and hugzz for saying what you just said. Simplicity, innocence, love, openness...nice values...and all these that we see in an unpolluted by the world child...where else...and sometimes in animals...yeah strange but WE call them animals.
      U r right...i loved OMG...the movie and i also loved PK...saw it yesterday and when PK was searching for the God and talking to the Idols of Goddess Durga and all those Idols...i bawled uncontrollably...
      Thank you dear so much...whenever u r around i feel like i have just bumped into a long lost friend. Hugzz, love and wish you Season's Greetings and the very best for all the years to come including 2015. :)

  3. oh yes it would be such a beautiful life .. being in NEverland... I have somehow started to hate religion no matter what it is because we the humans have totally ruined that even.

    such atrocities are committed in the name of religion it is sad ..

    wish i was a child again

    Shivani Mam....Heyyyyyyyyy how are you .. Wishing you and everyone around you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year ...

    remember me :)


  4. So true! Agree with your thoughts, Shivani.
    I feel that it won't take long for mankind to perish.

    Hope and pray that may we all earn good sense & attitude.
    Super pics. Love them all :)

    1. Thank you so much Anita :) mean of the kids in the vdo???