Friday, September 19, 2014

In a Different Light

 Niyat Kitni Bhi Achi Ho Duniya
Apko Apky Dikhaway Say Janti Hai
Aur Dikhawa Kitna Bhi Acha Ho
ALLAH Apko Apki Niyaat Say Janta

i often hear him repeat these words in his programme Soul Yatra. Traslated it should mean something like this...The world knows you by your appearance but THE LORD knows you by your intentions. 
Whoa...what great thoughts and what a great way to start the day...
So here i go...

Every morning I watch you walk into the office
In your business suit and matching shoes
With your hair put up neatly you tug at your glasses
And you you sit down, just three desks down
And I watch you in the fluorescent glare
And my mind drifts away somewhere
And I see you in a different light
Your hair falling down, with love in your eyes
In my mind, you're a beautiful sight
I see you in a different light
Just the way I saw you last night
There's girls at the office the guys always notice
When they walk by, but you're not the type
They don't know what I know, how some things just don't show
Through tailored tweaks, and that's fine with me
Let them all think what they want to
As for me when I look at you
I see you in a different light
Your hair falling down, with love in your eyes
In my mind, you're a beautiful sight
I see you in a different light
Just the way I saw you last night
Baby it's you in a different light
Your hair falling down, with love in your eyes
In my mind, you're a beautiful sight
I see you in a different light
Just the way I saw you last night
It's you in a different light
Your hair falling down, with love in your eyes
In my mind you're a beautiful sight
Just the way I saw you last night

 Doug Stone - In A Different Light 

i do sincerely wish i was a composer, a poet and could compose something like this of what i saw when tired and hot i turned around to go downstairs to get myself a bottle of some chilled water and probably make myself a cup of some refreshing tea. Yeah i had hit the terrace right from six in the morn and heard Mr Sharath on Radio Fever enjoying the melodious and soulful selections of music and his anecdotes attending to my plants but there was lots in my to do list today and i was still not done. It was already 11 and the sun was up and bright and it sure had made me all hot and sweaty and i was very thirsty apart from being a bit low on my energy level. But it did soar up again when what i saw i wished i was a poet and could compose something like what i had heard Doug Stone sing when i used to play it on when i used to play it on...

The same plant that i had seen at the break of dawn in the natural light was now looking amazingly beautiful with the sun shining all bright and unbearably hot to sap the energy from me . My skin dry and itchy and as dry as a bone looking like a desert and here she was my Euphorbia cotinifolia looking like she has had a new avataar. So delectable...that i just kept staring as if not having enough and wanting the whole of hers to get imprinted on my soul...her radiance...her fullness...her entire freshness in that hot sun making the entire atmosphere feel like it was cloudy and cool all around...but of course one needs to have hot and sweated out worked out with the dirt and the greens body like mine and the soul too which once again finds it's solace again the same in which the body has been working for the planting of some... 

Uff... the sight i guess i went bonkers after that and just sat there in the shade literally lusting at this beauty like how street side romeos would stare at attractive girls passing by. Some of them noticing from top to bottom in admiration. In between i would just get up and peer at the various hues that i was seeing wondering if this was the color of the English fall that i was seeing in all that red, purple and brown. Then stared deeply at those reds which i thought was not red but something which we love calling ' Burnt Sienna' or some of us might say ' Rust'...
Purple leaves as well as being attractive in their own right also make other colors seem more bright apart from adding color contrasts to the foliage all around. But there is something special about Euphorbia cotinifolia. It loves to play with the sunlight. Looks quite a kid playful when the early rays of the sun kisses it and even when no fragrance emanates from it i imagined it to feel it citrus from a distance just looking at it. Couldn't resist so took a mobile click when i went for my morning walk....

And now because i have precisely the same, a couple in my own pots on the terrace i see this other vision that of her being at  the prime of her beauty, youthful in all her fullness stunningly beautiful in this broad daylight and so close to me that i can even touch her and feel her and even though no smell emanates from her even now yet i seem to get a whiff of some hints of rose ...
Couldn't help remembering her calm serenity when i had walked on to the terrace at 6 in the morn...the sun was still not there in the sky and she looked quiet silent as if in deep meditation...or perhaps she just waited for that signal from the sun to be her vivacious bubbly chirpy self... She smelt of dew then...of pure freshness...

And NOW because i have nothing else to say the Doug Stone song as i see her ...specifically those two lines... In my mind , you're a beautiful sight
        i see you in a different light....
Wished seriously i had that skill and that patience even to try...uff...for although i have the patience to do so many that others might wonder at the amount of patience  i can't seem to bring myself to even try to compose. Something...even a couplet at least for my spectacular and beautiful Euphorbia.  

This concluding part is specifically meant for my blogdosts Anita and Bikram who wanted my notes on photography. 
i hope they find this personal note of mine useful. But hey friends i am still a beginner at this and pls pls no Guru. All i can share is my journey and my experience. So here it is through this of mine. Of my Euphorbia cotinifolia...
Note no 1. Natural light is perhaps the single most important step one can take to improve the picture that you can take. Having a good natural lighting can even be more important than the choice of the subject itself. In my case for example i had no subject but the light made my subject actually. It made me alert , observe and give photographic attention to my Euphorbia...
The Euphorbia had the same light source...before the break of dawn ie the first picture...then when the first rays of the sun  touched it, those mobile clicks and finally those noon shots...
One needs to have patience enough to observe and be ready always to take a shot. 
i am learning and so would advise both of you to do as well . Try it and see...That is to achieve the right amount of light for the subject by utilizing the unique quality of the subject...focusing
 on that quality...bringing it out on to the fore in your picture...
Sometimes i wonder why people just click plain pics of flowers. Flowers will always look beautiful this way or that. i personally like to focus on a particular quality...i mean that is can choose something that suts your own temperament or what you would want to show in your pictures. Not necessary to follow what i generally want to do.
And yeah and for that sure the particular time of the day and the weather has to be considered....


  1. Soul yatra is soul stirring.Thanks for sharing his renditions with me i too romanced with yr plant.Doug Stone made it all the more romantic.Shots in the garden were pleasing specially the second one.Info on photography will be hepful.Thanks for the lovely post.

  2. I love the lines in the beginning of your post & I love your post too, as usual :)
    As for the lines in the beginning-
    The World also judges us by our actions as 'actions speak louder than words'.
    But, it's also true that just good intentions aren't enough as the world loves those who are showy, seek attention & indulge in exhibition!
    Fake people!
    Amazing shades of earthy natural red- burnt sienna, rust...too good :)
    Thanks for the lovely note!
    Will go for natural light:)

  3. Just loved it.simply @ a loss for words .u have described everything with elegance.even the shots are worth praising. Thanks for the post dear

  4. THe lines in the start are so true and even when we know they are so true YET we do the same mistake again and again and againnnnnnnnnnnnn .. when will we learn ..

    those are some beautiful pics and lovely colors for sure .. I have a plant in the garden that only has leaves and they chnge color depending on the weather they can go to bright red to maroon- to just green or yellow .. I will post a pic some day ..

    and that is a lovely song

    and Now that I get mentioned also in the blog yayyyyyyyyyyy to that :) Note one is noted down and I will make sure to keep that in mind and will practise toooooooooooooooo

    Thank you so much and please please keep those notes coming got a lot to learn :)