Friday, July 5, 2013

An Eternal Relationship

What does one do when when the following happens :
*When you've been restricted in your movement for quite a long stretch and then given a green signal to roam free again-
* When the weather is hot and humid and none of the theater is showing movies worth your free time-
* When the only friend you can count on for company is indisposed-
* When you know you are not the mall trotting for nothing personality-
* When you are tired of reading and for a change wanted to do something else instead-
* When your enthusiasm for creativity is snuffed out due to lack of support and the cause attributed to circumstances which is beyond your control-
* Finally when in order to smile and laugh about @ Comedy Central you get glimpses of Masterchef on TV leaving you more and more in the lurch and despite the doctors warning you feel like going on a binge spree more in rebellion than anything else which perhaps might bring you closer to a Bypass.


1) So thus first i counted my blessings for being able to walk on my supposedly healthy two feet again.
2) Then before i could instruct my guide, my pal, my very patient and attentive Mr Khan who incidentally also drives me around i counted the amount i carried in my purse. Then without much ado i confidently said, " Geoffrey's please! " and happily sat in anticipation of my destination as he rolled on.

My association and loyalty to Geoffrey's goes way back to when i was in Chennai. The bar is good, the food suits me and moreover the ambiance and all that jazz does not drill a hole in the pocket of my purse. Mainly because i do it only once in a while and i love not only the cuisine but also the chestnut wood interiors. They play good music too with the volume kept just sufficient to let you chat in peace in case you are in company. Can't miss to mention the great time i had in Chennai at Geoffrey's when i was fortunate enough to hear and see Gary Lawyer perform live and sing some of my own requests.

Now it's predictable though what i order for exploring newer dishes is my forte.  i love food that not only is new for me but colorful too. A plate that looks akin to what they show on Masterchef. Some meat, some veggies, something of potatoes even if it is mashed all brought to you with some style in a stylish plate. Here too i am a medium self abhorrence to some meats is typical of a non vegetarian who for reasons unknown/ unexplained/ illogical to her would not even lick the sauce of certain meats.
As for drinks i like to play it safe when i am alone.  i am daring when i have company and people who are connoisseurs suggest but when on my own i always ask for something i have tried before. Easily red wine. Makes a European meal look complete.

So as i sat soaking in the cozy atmosphere and admiring the decor once again while i had ordered my starter which was a dry Sesame Chicken and a common cocktail Cosmopolitan i sensed some joy inside me. Food/ drinks sure is a panacea for all evils perpetrated by circumstances or even otherwise.
On impulse and feeling a bit restless wishing someone was there to give me company i thought of taking a pic of that bartender who was making my cocktail and instead my vision got restricted to what i saw just in front. A few masquerade masks and the faking stained glass roof window above the bar shelf. Loved the cheery glow of the window, adding a pale sparkle to the wine glasses on the hanging rack.

Geoffrey's doesn't make you wait for your food for long. Rather they are very prompt and before i could review the picture that i took from my cellphone i had big crescent and a small moon of heaven before me.
i ought to have taken a proper picture first instead impatiently dropped my cellphone inside my handbag and dug into the heaven armed with the cutlery provided. Then suddenly conscious realizing that i might be presenting a pathetic picture of a ravenous glutton i paused and for want of anything better because i was dining alone i dug into my handbag again and brought out the cellphone again. Then some shots in random order were taken which gave me a presentable break from hogging the heaven all in one go.
Sesame Chicken
Chicken steak with potato wedges and veggies
Sesame chicken on my plate
Although i was able to enjoy every bit of the chicken steak that i had ordered i felt thrilled coming back home with a doggy pack of some 7-8 juicy from inside and crisp from outside Sesame chicken. Evening for the doggy me was taken care of.

For anyone who would want a peek into the chestnut interiors and know more i am privileged to pass on the link
A disclaimer though. i am not a food critic just a foodie who loves to eat. And when circumstances permit i go all the way of dining alone.
"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." George Bernard Shaw
Wonder how many people out there are like me...



  1. a true foodie, my mouth is watering from your description.
    I don't think I could dine out alone..if I have to, I eat in alone. In a Fast Food restaurant where it's crowded and noisy, I think I could but not in a fine dining setting,.. It would present a sad picture of áloneness' somehow more obvious to me :( than to the other patrons..


  2. Thank you BM for stopping by. So gud to see u blogging again...i sure did miss having u around although i myself haven't blogged much. i have been intermittent too.
    i know many people find it difficult to dine out in a restaurant alone. i guess i am okay with it although having someone around would perhaps present a fine casual dining out picture...regarding good food trust me dining alone has it's advantages. Maybe one day i shall blog about it. The advantages i mean...

  3. I would like to change that Shaw quote to..."There's no sincere love than the love of chocolates".... aah..!

    Its always fun to dine outt or go for movies alone at times. .. you get the so called Me time and it also helps you to watch different ppl...

    Thanks for stopping by my space... c ya again :)

  4. hey sounds and looks good, would want to go .............

  5. I glad to read this, nice post, thanks

  6. @Me thank you Sheetal for being bang on dining alone. As u say gives one the much required ' Me' time.
    Grateful indeed that u did after all manage that precious time on that really long post of mine on frnds.
    i'm seeing u and getting just too hopeful that i shall continue meeting u one in a while even if it is virtually. Pleases me to be hopeful...

  7. @ aliasgarmukhtiar thank you and yes i suppose u an at Hotel Marine Plaza, 29, Marine Drive, Mumbai, 400020
    Located inside: Hotel Marine Plaza - Marine Drive, Mumbai
    Landmark:In Hotel Marine Plaza
    Try the Banno Kebab...although i love trying new things and love the newness everybody whom i know keep swearing about the Banno Kebab.
    Hope u r not disappointed and remember this was not a review of a gr8 eating food critics do...
    Bon if and when u decide to try. :)

  8. @ Gajadhar Dwivedi...thank u indeed ! :)

  9. You went alone? I could do this some time ago but haven't ventured out alone off late. Maybe I should next time. Of course in airports and stations when I'm travelling alone, I grab a bit all by myself. Inspite of having been in Chennai for quite some time, I haven't been to Geoffreys. Now that you have written in detail about this place, I guess I should visit this one next when I go to Chennai.

    Love the way you are getting versatile with your writing. I would love to see more reviews of these kind esp wrt places in Chennai.

    Have a good weekend, Shivani.

    Joy always,

  10. @Susan thank you for talking to me through ur comment. Yeah as and when i remember will do as u have requested. Remember Amethyst...go there and also when u want some gud music...chk what they are offering from the newspaper/phone and go to Geoffreys...who knows u might catch one of ur fav singers/ band playing live.In any case they have gud DJs too scratching gud music generally.
    Yeah when none is there to give u company and u r bored to death must try out some good grub spot of ur own. Chances are that u might actually love dining minus distractions and arguments on what to order which suits all. Maybe even try what u wanted to but could not before.
    The next time i will pick a joint that serves paella...have never tried it before...
    Susannah, wish u a lovely weekend too.
    And as always Joy to you too,