Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Week In The Capital City

So finally i am here in this capital city Dilli and for the time being i can only say that i had what we used to say MYKSAID feelings. Yeah mixed it was i mean because at the very first instance my heart cried out in anguish to see my very small looking three bedroom flat. i was still more sad when i looked out from the balcony to find the trees around looking ash grey instead of green. So i suppose this part of the capital city is just too dusty and as i stood on the balcony i wanted to be some magician of some sort who could create rain and wash off the dust from the leaves of the trees. Maybe my wish was too much for the heavens to keep in store so i guess they decided on granting me what i desperately sought. It rained this evening after everything was dark. Sitting inside the empty room i thought it felt like hail but i couldn't be sure. Although it was just a brief spell, i am sure some things will look fresh tomorrow morn when i have my first cup of tea in the company of my husband and the so many pigeons who seem to be everywhere around.

During the day my sadness was replaced by an enormous sense of well being when i looked out from the balcony. Sure the trees looked green now instead of ashen. Later a walk to the vegetable mart was like an added bonus. This vegetable market is like a bazaar which happens every Monday and one can't help but feel overwhelmed with the freshness, richness and varieties of the vegetables for sale.
i felt like a foreigner in my own country as i was not aware of the so many varieties of veggies displayed. The vendors were quite surprised to see a local asking so many questions. They thought i was from the press when i started taking pictures.
My joy at seeing such fresh produce knew no bounds. Have not seen this kind of freshness for years now. i started feeling just too good acknowledging the fact that i am placed now in an area where i have access to such fresh veggies at an affordable price.

Suddenly all things looked bright and beautiful and i felt a sort of relief like some heaviness has just been lifted off me.

 On my request the seller showed me what Bathua is ( for me the forgotten green)
i know that just a handful of Bathua in any green be it spinach or mustard or even gram greens enhances the taste of the greens cooked. 

  Lettuce in these two striking colours looked so fresh that i felt like grabbing and chewing some, just as it was. 

i have seen these for the first time. These as the seller apprised me were radish flowers called Moongri. The stalk which holds the buds are cooked as a tasty vegetable and maybe next time i will ask them to tell me some basic procedure for i feel like trying this out.

Hara Chana ie fresh green gram (behind the mushrooms in the packets)...OMG i am seeing these after so many years. Could not resist so bought these immediately.

Delectable greens...just a sight of the freshness delights the senses.

The greens seller had everything one could possibly think of. Spinach, Mustard, Drumstick greens, Fenugreek, Coriander, Mint, Bathua, Dill, and many others that i don't know the names of.

These cuties took me by surprise for i thought they were small turnips and instead they turned out to be Red Radish. i addressed them with the wrong name and was corrected by the seller. 

The fresh radish looked just too white and oh ! so tempting so a couple of these went inside my shopping bag too.

Same with the fresh mushrooms and the bell peppers. The colours enticed me and i couldn't help but lovingly grab some of these. very significant fruit that is offered to Goddess Saraswati and it was not surprising because just a couple of days back it was Vasant Panchami also known as Saraswati Pooja.

The rich green of the lettuce was just too beautiful and i could not help but stare at it longingly like a hungry goat.

This vendor had everything right from fresh broccoli to American corn. i think i also saw what looked like black olives. But i could only be guessing here. For what looked like black olive could be Karaunda. The seller was just too busy with his customers so i have reserved this query for next Monday.

This was another new item i had never seen as being sold as a vegetable. i know it's hard to guess for what looks like pistachios are actually Drumstick flowers. i have to learn how to cook these too.

Maybe i got just too blown at looking at all these fresh veggies neatly bordering the street for i have to be very honest i was not seeing such freshness and this kind of variety in Chennai. i know that the climatic conditions are responsible for what i saw today. Not bad i said to myself. i think i am going to like this place after all. It sure will take care of my palate apart from giving me these moments of pleasure as i go about my daily chores. Who knows tomorrow i might get to see something new again. 
That's it for the time being. Maybe more laters...


  1. beautiful...your post made me smile...slowly and gradually DILLI will capture you in its charm... it is infamous for capturing your heart and mind and not letting you settle down anywhere else :) spent 11 yrs there...loved the dust and pits of university area where every student in their pajamas were the kings and queens of tomorrow :)... beautiful times are ahead...enjoy it ..

  2. Nice post shivani-nice travelogue must say. We'v been staying here but you have penned everything so vividly drawing us to their essence.

  3. 2Sushmita yeah i guess u r right. Dilli is on it's seductive spree and i have no time to miss Chennai. Every corner has something very new for me. i wonder how i had missed these when i was a student here in the 80's.
    Thanks for ur good wishes and sure will be very involved in the beauty for this time now when luggage is yet to come and i am practically free to roam around. Loved to see u here and hugs for what u just said :)

  4. @Rashmi hey,
    Nice to see u here.Thanks for stopping by and for appreciating what i have to say for the time being.
    Actually i have just landed here after my 21 years in Chennai. Some of these that i have just mentioned i was bereft of. That's why this craze.
    Who knows when i stay here for long i might start taking things for granted and later when i have to move i might once again start cribbing for these. That's the way it is.
    Thanks and shall seek more of u.Pls do oblige whenever u have the time and the inclination. :)

  5. This is a great writing and the pics are gorgeous. I hope I see them too while I am there and of course meet you. Love the greens and all the variety.

  6. @Mini yeah the greens has made me sing something like "How green is my valley...".Thanks for going through my post.
    For you everything will be still more exciting i guess.Have a gr8 time while u r here.All good wshes to u and the entire family. Hugs

  7. Am very happy for you Shivani. The photos are so good. These vegetables look very fresh and extremely happy to see you. It made my day... seriously. Delhi definitely beckons you with an open arm. Enjoy urself and keep feeding us with the greens. Great stuff.. gr8 post.

  8. Be a goat. Your new avtaar.greens coming from Haryana really looks appetising.Lots of new things i see in your pics,thanks.Delhi welcomes u with what u like the most,the sabzi galore.Great going.Soon u will b accompanied by three Billy goat gruff.

  9. Oh my God, my mouth is watering looking at these fresh veggies. I read your other blog first and thought you're off to Delhi. So, you're already there. I am sure you'll love this place too - give it some time.