Thursday, February 10, 2011

Care For A Vegan Drink Anyone ?

i am afraid that for this whole month now i shall be away from this city which has started seducing me with it's many charms.
The fact of the matter being that i shall be travelling.
So for quite some time i would be unable to type my thoughts about my introductions to some fine and new aspects of this city which has tons of surprises in store for me.

i feel like a young teenager who probably is going to her first ball or something. i roam the streets familiarising myself with what i might be needing to know and all i do is just stare and ask questions. i know this is the same country to which i belong but honestly i am having close encounters of the first kind with many aspects.

This juice shop would've been there when i was a student but surely i cared least to know anything but the fruit juices. i was bereft of knowing more when i could have at Chennai but what is offered at best apart from fruit juices is probably carrot juice which is mixed with milk. Then it looks like a shake and not some fine juice.
This particular claret coloured  glass of  fresh vegetable juice that i had here was my first and it made me feel thankful to my own sense of judgement to explore new tastes with an open mind .
This juice had carrots, gooseberry, beetroot, spinach greens, bottle gourd, bitter gourd,  red radish, tomatoes. No stale veggies here only the fresh crunchy ones go into the churner. Plus some secret spice which makes one roll the tongue and lick the drops sticking to the lips. Maybe i missed out a couple of vegetables but just a glass of this elixir and we felt so refreshed and energised.
i went down memory lane to remember how just a mere thought of all these gourds like bitter gourd and bottle gourd made us frown with a yuck exclamation when we were young. And now here we are, relishing this drink and making a beeline for it whenever we get the chance.
Now i really don't know if it was a psychological thing about the nutrients entering your blood system and it being really good for the health or if the juice was really made delectable with a dash of some secret spices but both my husband and i enjoyed this glass of claret coloured freshly churned nutritional drink. The best thing is that all the flavours are there for you to recognise if you just sip it slowly . No bitterness but just a tasty sweet and sour and sort of mildly tangy energising and refreshing drink. As for the aroma, i feel it resembles something similar to the pani of the pani puri. 
We sort of wondered how we missed having a taste of this when we were here in the 80's.
For then when we were young we enthusiastically sipped Limca and the likes. All aerated artificial drinks. What a shame!.  But never mind... better late than never.
However i was happy to see that while we waited for our glass to get ready we counted many youngsters waiting for theirs. Once again i was impressed.
It gladdened my heart to see that the youngsters today are more health conscious than how we were when we were their age.
God Bless these kids who have wisdom and inclination to choose what is best for them.
February and March being the examination season i wish and pray for their success as they discuss animatedly their subjects waiting for their glass of energiser to arrive which should pump them up.The nutrition enough to give them the required amount of energy and also take care of those in between small hunger. Probably even the fresh crisp air also held some magic for removing that dullness which is bound to occur  when one is immersed in books practically most of the time as the Board examination draws near.

i guess then that's it for the time being. Tomorrow i have to be a very early riser as we have to report at the airport by 8 which means i must be up as early as 6. And this looks just too early in the winter morning. Yeah winter is in a way bidding goodbye but to one who has been in the warm and humid city for 21 years this feels just too chilly.
So till i am back please don't give up on me.
Just a small request is due from my side to all my limited readers. Please bear with my silence while i am away. Hopefully in March when i return i would have really lots and lots to share.


  1. This is just the beginning.U have started with juice,soon u will b posting on the sumptutious meals which Delhi offers.Juices are energisers.It makes u feel healthy and beautiful.So u r juiced up for the sojourn.Good luck.

  2. Hey Shivani, hope you are having a lovely time travelling. Missing your posts. This one has made me surely try the combo elixir of life. It's the secret spice add-on which is a dilemma. Anyway, hope to see you soon.

  3. @Gauri...thank u sis and can't help but wait for u to join me.:)

  4. @Tandarin yeah it is always the secret spice. Am back and shall be visiting ur blog soon.
    Take care and maybe when i am at ease you will get to hear something from my side too. :)

  5. Well thats the wonder of fresh vegetables and fruits! Very flexible to concoct any shake or juice of your choice! New things and new places are definitely one way to spice up your life let alone juices and shakes..:)
    Felt happy with your concern for students really!
    keep blogging and wish you a happy and safe journey..

  6. @Kiran thanks for stopping by and for all ur gud wishes :)

  7. Hey Shivani, where are you dost? Come on, its pretty lonely here in the blog world. Let's see some post ASAP. Hope all fine @ ur end.

  8. @Tandarin hey
    yeah i've been caught up in my own trials and tribulations which they call teething problems in a new place and can't seem to have anything to blog about other than just cribbing about my own inadequacies. Sry dost but will take some more time when i can't get back to that mode...and hey i miss u too :(

  9. awesome post with some awesomeness in it!!
    n Juicy Post too...


  10. @Stranger thank u for ur kind words...makes my day :)

  11. @Raja...sry but really can't seem to find enough time to even have consistent thoughts. Maybe soon... but hey thanks for letting me know that there are people out there waiting to hear from my side. :)

  12. Shivani, it's really been a long long time now since your last post. Please do come back with anything under the sky ASAP. You can do it for sure if you just put 2 hours of your time. Looking forward to your post within next few days. Hope everything is fine at your end?