Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday Night Meaty Bonanza

The last weekend as my husband and i made a beeline for the tickets to the media hyped Raavan we were disappointed but not upset with Housefull by the time our turn came.This because we had options available sitting right at home.So we loitered here and there and came back loaded with Popcorns and Diet coke and decided to give it a go one by one at the 3 options.And since the mood had set for Raavan we chose this psychological thriller and were glad  that we were unwittingly denied the multiplex.
So Shutter Island took us by surprise and we were more than startled with the climax.
We were sort of glued to this drama set in 1954 in which right till the end we believed Teddy Daniels (Leonardo Dicaprio) in his investigation as a Field Marshall trapped in this remote island (Shutter Island) from which there was no escape.We were gripped with his sleuthing till the end as he went on his search to uncover a modern yet heinous crime on humanity. Has to be that way in a suspense thriller and this one had the tagline,'Someone is missing". So we expected the gore scene in the end in which we would see brains split open to make the dangerous and psychopathic inmates of that prison island being turned into zombies.But...the Friday night movie kept a suspenseful and thrilling surprise.
Happy that this got a thumps up from both of us as we marvelled at Martin Scorcese and his team of very talented actors.And since we debate most of the times opinions  were divided on being loyal,That is , we both had our own views.While i was faithful to Dennis Lehane's art of great suspense thriller my husband was in awe of Martin Scorcese's brilliance at directing.Not that i am not Mr Scorcese's fan or am i a critic of sorts but we had to debate to keep the after taste alive till Saturday.

The others that could be debated about the movie are these two dialogues from this movie.
1.Warden: "We wage war,we burn sacrifices we pillage and plunder and treat at the flesh of our brothers and why?Because God gave us violence to wage war in his honor".
2.Teddy Daniels: " Which could be worse,to live as a monster,or to die as a good man.?"

And definitely we had to painfully pause the movie as one of us took turns on our loo breaks.Thus it was good we did not suffer till Intermission as would have happened in Raavan.Futher i am doubtful if Raavan would have given us true value for money and precious time as this.
Now are we the kind who get easily impressed?
Was i unneccessarily spooked with this track the same way i was with the OSD of Jaws or Omen?

In any case the movie had a bonanza for me as it had many tracks that were soothings and too good.
So Drama,Mystery,Thrill,Suspense and Music not neccessasarily a pot-pourri of 12 spices and 13 tastes (barah masala terah swaad) like our bollywood movies but it was  scrumptiously delectable.

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  1. Shutter Island FTW..........

  2. @Aakaash thumbs up!and thank you for telling me to watch it. :)

  3. @ Aakaash yes sonna and this one will be with popcorn bowls of it and Aashoo fetching beverages in between.:)

  4. great review ! sounds like a great movie ! sure to watch !!

  5. @Gauri thank you and trust my word...very apt for a Friday evening...that is if u want thrill and suspense.