Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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So three rather four great movies in a row can overwhelm you to the extent of wanting to talk about each one of them and what slice of your own life was in it.  It goes without saying that the more real reel life looks the more chances of it being approved by the mind and thereby the acceptance. Other than educating me about American football the film 'Blind Side' also broadened my horizon on that priceless concept called FAMILY.So whoever said that blood is thicker than water can bite dust now.
 Just when  you begin to doubt everything around you as times are such when even a true act of humanity raises suspicion of vested interests there comes something like this to reaffirm your faith.
More than all this what i personally loved about the movie was that lovely relationship shared by all in the family. The most wanted space that all of us desire in any relationship be it that of a mother and child to that of a newly formed one,  was the warmest part of the movie.
 Further it was so much soothing to notice all the admiration of a husband who was so sure of his wife and had no qualms about her smartness. Don't miss those looks...amusement, adulation, adoration, trust, pride...that look of the man in her life conveys all at one go...

This part of the movie could be predicted though and what couldn't be predicted was how she would do it.
Then again when the lady delivered  without bothering about credits given to her as she inspires her new member of the family to his best performance in the game is an eye opener to all those who want to be showered with praise for their simplest of acts of generosity or charity. Learn something from this all ye who know best only to bang your own drum.

Wonder why the critics have not given 'Everybody's Fine' much acclaim when i found it a very touching movie. But then since it is my choice and choice is a personal thing i have not much to complain.

'Everybody's Fine' made me lachrymose everytime De Niro dominated the screen largely because suddenly i find that he resembles my Papa so much...same age...same body...same predicament but thank God Papa has no health problems and he's happily busy satisfying his lust for travel even when he is 78 plus. Suddenly i was missing him so much and unable to control my emotions i called him up just to find out if he was doing okay. He heard my sobs while he played cards at the club he frequents  every evening and promised to give me a quick visit. Heaving a sigh of relief that he has company  i proceed with the rest of the movie in peace and when the movie is over i ask myself again and again, "What's wrong when as a parent we motivate our children to do their best ?"  When that Papa character in the movie tells his child something like this- If you want to paint then try to be a painter, an artist and not just that one who paints walls because dogs pee on them. Is he being pushy? All parents adore their children and want nothing less than a fine quality life for them. What's wrong in wanting that?
 Why can't kids explain before their parents on their own accidently stumble upon their disappointing state of affairs? Maybe that freeway between the parent and the child is choked with expectations and exasperations. Why can't both trust each other?
Whatever... the film definitely allows a good look on both sides of the fence as against ' Baagbaan ' so much a hit with almost all the in laws i know and badly condemned by the son and his wife clan.

From the acclaimed writer Nick Hornby who also wrote ' About a Boy ' and others there is yet another one that forced me once again to go down memory lane.
'An Education ' is the story about a young and bright school girl Jenny. Now that Jenny could easily be me is what makes the movie so endearing.
That 1960's Britain English delighted me so much that i was trying to speak with a stiff upper lip when i talked to my friend over the phone. She wouldn't have guessed why i was sounding so funny as she was too preoccupied with her own agenda.
Those box-pleated smart neat skirts, blazers, strict classroom discipline and a brisk but crisp headmistress reminded me of my alma mater, the convent where i had my entire schooling. And it was not difficult to understand that for an adolescent who longs for adulthood it is so easy to chuck her aspirations for something that seems so much more beautiful and loads of fun. It was not new at all to see this brightest girl in class fall for glamorous friends, jazz clubs, chic and her own sexual awakening. While all this was happening in the movie i was remembering those brilliant plans that we hatched in between our music lessons.  Just like those girls we were in awe of Chanel and Paris and at least the two of us wanted to marry a French millionaire.
Tell you what, first see the movie and then later glance at the reviews or ratings this way you are saved of the forced prejudice that could ruin your chances of a rendezvous with this "university called life".

Signing off for the time being with this beautiful number from another wonderful movie 'Adam'.Originally i suppose the song is by another band called 'The Weepies'.

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  1. I haven't seen any of these movies :-|
    Both Hollywood and Bollywood produce so many run-on-the-mill movies that I got frustrated with them. Still, for wify's entertainment, I bring Bollywood movie DVDs. We've watched all the Bollywood movies released in 2009. None of them come close to being called a great movie. And, very few could be called good or even watchable.

  2. @Raja...don't know what u look for in movies...as for me something that tells and makes you think about is what i call watchable be it holly or bolly...ok try "Well Done Abba"...just suggesting...rest up to you...are you more into music or reading?Curious to know what you and wify choose for entertainment.Don't tell me curiosity kills the cat?

  3. I had made a list long ago of all the movies I liked (http://snowyevening.blogspot.com/2006/06/movies.html).
    I guess I like the movies that don't treat you like a retard. I am thinking of adding a movie-rating page to my blog :-)