Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blessed are the Meek for They Shall Inherit

i have through these years of my life come up with many theories of my own. Eerily some that family members can remember have been proved to be true. Not just like that but in a complex manner like those theorems in geometry. i know this comparison too sounds strange but just like those equations had to be first learnt in order to know how triangles are congruent or non congruent or for that matter any of those eleven or more maybe one more theorem we did in high school. So did we live to see my theories getting those proofs.

Theories that i propound have been built up with years of simple observation and sample analysis of very many kinds the disclosure of which might rather sound rude and is not really required nor important. What matters is my theories have received acknowledgement if not from the world forum but from those who matter to me. And for me that's more than enough.
And yes i have used the word eerily because many of these known people get afraid nowadays when i say things because they immediately react with words like, " Don't utter, because however strange and illogical you might apparently sound your words come out to be the long run".
Kaali Zubaan (someone whose words are like premonitions) that's how they might prefer to say it in our mother tongue but for the love of me refrain from using the harsh and negative word. But the mere consternation and restlessness conveys what they mean.
Poor pathetic superstitious souls, sigh ! they will never learn. Sigh !
i mumble within myself and thus continue quite unperturbed with what their reaction is or how they might think but nevertheless continue assimilating my theories based upon my own personal experiences and observations of facts as and when situations have happened to me .
These situations also have within their gamut all the five senses mind you...sight, sound, taste, hearing and most importantly smell.

Taking time out and seriously acting on my son's advise i think it is time now i ought to save these theories. What better way than to do it in my blog.  One by one as they come to me.
So here it is.
Theory # 1:
Today's theory is about taste and smell. This time relating to FOOD and thus it's aroma.

What thou deny/ reject today is what thou would crave or seek tomorrow and shall never receive nor obtain.
This again is one which experience and years of observation has taught me.
On my own i try not to disregard food whichever way it is offered to me. No matter how not up to my liking it is. Because i am terrified of this imaginary concept of 'HUNGER'.  i have been by the Divine Grace never had that unfortunate moment ever in my life when i was hungry and never got anything to eat.
i wonder however then being born in the land of plenty and then having been forever there why then do i still have this fear of being without food just like i have many other fears and insecurities. Which thus leads me to propound another theory but then i'd rather not spill that one here. That for laters.

So then there was this time i denied food.  And it rained on me.
My own thundered...striking me with full force and lightening. Making me feel wet, homeless and pathetic...
Here i was sitting tired and hungry...alone on the terrace remembering those hot rotis offered to me with a gentle and loving smile. Some kind soul had asked me to break bread with them one fine day and i had refused.

How i craved and wanted to eat nothing but that particular sweet- smelling- like- roasted- flour rotis when i knew very well that those rotis no longer existed. They were just in my memory. Making my stomach ache with one unknown to me knotty gnawing pain. i had not cooked. Did not get the time to cook. The kitchen downstairs maybe had other dry snacks and some fruits that i could go to and eat but just like the pregnant lady gets a serious craving during which she wants nothing but that particular food so did my mind, mouth, saliva, stomach every part related to the process of digestion seem to scream for one and one particular item only.
"i want to have that haath sey thapak key bani huee meethee meethhee khushboo waali garam garam roti..." ( hand made fresh bread smelling sweet and hot, one that is not rolled but patted by hands...)
The one i had denied which was once offered to me.
Now as you read this story of mine think of your own experience and compare. Do let me know if it has happened with you too. Have you ever denied and later regretted ?
As for the rest...let my pictures do the can see which roti then i am talking about.

Not a single day goes by when the hand hoe that i got from the lovely, kind lady does not remind me of her rotis and her warm loving smile. But if only i could just get to eat her rotis if only i could know how to get to her somehow...i know definitely this time shamelessly i might ask to be fed.

i would have to go find her first along the highway to Mukteshwar where by the side of the road i had found her. Maybe pitching her tent for sometime to perhaps have that lunch and then perhaps move on. 
Meanwhile i am making do with my own insipid rolled on with the help of a rolling pin and thin rotis but her hand hoe is doing wonders making my job so much easier than i had ever imagined. God alone knows how i was managing with a khurpi ( garden hand shovel) all these days while when actually to work on a caked with dryness mound of earth on the terrace you actually need a hand hoe. 


  1. Soul stirring read...liked the way you described those hand made rotis of love.The pics speak all.Good post.

  2. and the rotis made on the Chulha are the sweetest always ..

    Reminds me I went to our village this yer and found that it has been modernised But I had to coax my aunt to cook food for me on the Chulha and I can vouch it tasted much much better :)

    lovely pictures .


    1. Bikram...AAH about food there is a lot to it than what meets the eye or the palate...wish i could explain in just a few words. Affection of the hands the most the kind of fire used. i have been told that food cooked on wood fire tastes the best...but then how will we you say everything has been modernized. For ecology...for time...for so many reason sakes. But see in Italy for the real Italians for whom their Pizzas or pastas are like religion...they still prefer to do it their way...take their time and make it the wood fired way...that's what i've been told...and many stuff i read of other traditional recipes.
      Guess we have to crave then...until a good soul offers...but remember now Bikram when it is offered...DON'T REFUSE. Relish it to cherish it...
      Thanx for your honest words. love it when you are here. Touched to the core when you ask for me when i abscond from blogosphere. Gracias...and bless you dear good soul :)

  3. U have said rightly. Even I have experienced such situations

    1. Thank you...but wish so badly to know at least one of that ' situation'. But thank you for stopping by and going through mine well enough to agree that you too have experienced the same. :)

  4. My nani used to make these and also makke ki rotis so deftly and cook on chulah
    My regret why I didn't learn
    Corollary to your theorem, when things are available we don't learn in time and later when we want to learn, teachers are not there.

    1. Thank you Navi for stopping by and adding more value to my narration by echoing it with how you feel for your Nani's rotis too. Yeah the teachers are no longer there but we sure are the blessed lot we know exactly...the taste...the aroma...and have the warm memories of and around that ' Nani ka chulha'. :)

  5. I can totally identify with your thoughts, Shivani.
    Yes, been through this!
    My Mom had also made the same statement (as proposed by your Theory#1). I find myself saying the same to my daughter. I have seen it happen! Theory proved :)

  6. Those Bhakris made by hand (and not with a balen) are the ones that taste better.
    Yes her smile and warmth comes through in the pictures.