Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chaltey Chaltey

Well the words translated in English should mean, While i walked...and walked...
Chaltey Chaltey a transliteration would be Walking Walking.
This post will be flooded with pics and yes words but some lines from a famous song. Nah...not from the movie of the same name but rather from the another classic Bollywood movie... Meena Kumari's last.  ' Pakeezah' it sure is and thus the famous Mujra song...

Chaltey chaltey, chaltey chaltey
Yunhee koi mil gayaa thaa
Sarey raah chaltey chaltey
Vahin thamke reh gayee hai
Meri raat dhaltey dhaltey...

These lines should mean ' While i was walking i chanced to meet someone. While i was walking on the road. Since that chance meet my night has come to a standstill and there seems to be no dawn'..., Something quite similar i feel...a poetic way perhaps of saying that my mind is stuck...' There where i met someone.' And often i have these urges to go and just be there and keep looking till i myself get fed up. But the point is. Can i ever get fed up. Can one get fed up of LOVE?
The only difference being about the song and me is that my chance meeting happened in broad daylight whereas the song lyrically expresses about one such encounter which took place at night.

And contrary to the song...the meetings just kept happening. As i went along with my daily chores. Sometimes while walking and other times i would catch a glimpse through the window of my car.
Sometimes in the middle of a nursery i was visiting to buy saplings, other times on buildings. Then in one place it was the entire roof of a room or rather a cute looking cottage where the security guards wait and watch. My walking gave me amazing encounters of the same Koi...
Against the green foliage of all hues...young bright neon as well as dark deep olive green. Against the concrete, distempered / plastered...grey, white, as well as that of ochre walls.
i would be transfixed staring at my Koi...viewing it from a distance. And if possible even going near enough to catch the beauty and grace against the bleached in the mid afternoon sun blue sky. Yeah going bonkers enough to stare shamelessly as to how it appeared with or without the clouds as the backdrop.

i kept seeing and my heart would beat to some magical rhythm i cannot really explain. 
As of now this but i don't know how i will find them next. My heart and mind just keeps humming Chaltey Chaltey Yuheen Koi Mil Gayaa Tha Sarey Raah Chaltey Chaltey...

It happened in the movie...One day she sang of her admiration and anticipation and how she was stuck with that Koi she met Chaltey Chaltey.  But as the story moved Mr Koi and she come to meet in person and know each other. Love had already happened even without seeing.
So did i get to know finally. But in my case love happened even without smelling
Yeah such was my predicament a note wouldn't have worked. i had to first smell it first.

 In the movie the Koi had not seen her face just her feet and left a note for her which said, " Aapkey paon dekhey, bahut haseen hain. Eenhain zameen par mat utaareeyayga, mailey ho jayengay. "  ( Saw your feet, they are very beautiful. Do not put them on the ground, they will get dirty.) 

i had to sniff and smell like a dog first. One elimination was easy...definitely not Wisteria.
Then all that chase began...first the gardener at a local nursery who mumbled something which was neither English nor vernacular but definitely enough to give me a clue for the great Google search. Bholubilis was what i heard and remembered. So that's how i was led to volubilis and from there to
Petrea volubilis.
Purple wreath, Queen's wreath, Sandpaper Vine and in Hindi Neelmani Lata.
Ahem! Neelmani Lata. Lata meaning vine...a climber. Neel meaning Blue and Mani meaning Jewel.

[Native to Central America, Purple Wreath is a very lovely small climber with drooping long racemes of delicate violet-purple star-like flowers. It is a semi-shrub and semi-climber and the small wooden trunk develops artistic curves over the years. It looks as if an Ikebana expert has shaped it for his floral arrangement. It grows best in sunshine. It flowers in spring and in some areas also in November. The flowers come in raceme reaching over 1 foot long. The true flower, which is purple, lasts a couple of days but the blue bracts remain much longer, slowly turning gray.]

As i had seen met with another of the same just like this Chaltey Chaltey in my last visit to Manali i knew by smelling it that it definitely is not Wisteria. http://shivanidiwani64.blogspot.in/2012/04/best-firsts.html 
i had to smell it because of various reasons. Pollution of mid morning traffic being my main concern apart from the structure of the cluster blooms and others. The Wisteria blooms were fragrant in so much that just by standing near it i was getting their lovely perfume but sometimes like the glorious yellow clusters of Laburnum blooms one can get the fragrance only in the early mornings before sunrise or before the mad traffic hogs all the fine smell away and thus all you can get is the dazzling like gold everywhere sight. That is if you you get to meet somewhere during mid morning when the sun is right overhead and it is getting just too warm for one to feel really very comfortable to be outdoors. So it is with many of such...

Yeah stuck like this bee...i am there...
Around me my folks are fed up and they talk of me like i am raved. Like i have nothing else there to talk about...

[The thoughts that I could never voice
Are on everybody's lips
A tale
This chance encounter of mine
Has been stretched into a tale
I chanced to meet someone
While I was walking down the road...]

Jo kahi gayi na mujhse

Voh zamaana keh rahaa hai

Ke fasaana

Ke fasaana ban gayee hai
Meri baat chaltey chaltey
Yunheen koi mil gayaa tthaa
Sare raah chaltey chaltey...

Koi- Someone
Fasaana- Tale
Zamaana- World...here it means people of the world
Yuheen- Just by chance
Raah- road
Sare Raah- on the road


  1. What a lovely post and excellent photos! Its a beautiful vine and I can understand your fascination with this species. It can "take the breath away" - metaphorically speaking.

  2. I was searching for terracotta planters online and the search led me to your delightful blog and I am so glad it did! It feels good to encounter a fellow plant lover in blogosphere. You have a great blog.

  3. Wonderful colours. So soothing for the eyes.
    The only two things I like in the movie Pakeezah, was the photography and the music.

  4. wowowwow what a beautiful flower the color lavendar is so wowowwow mam. ..
    the starting lines reminds me of the lovely movie Pakeezah and the flowers in the pictures for sure are pakeezah...


  5. Hello Long time no post .. :) everything ok


    1. Hey dost...yeah yeah everything fine. Oh my thoughts have voices...they are getting evaporated and I seem to be losing out on so many that I wanted to share. Hah! My relatives are not giving me any breathing time...one after the other they come pouring in. Now that I am closer home my native place Bihar. i feel blessed though that I am having people who need me more than I need them :) :)
      Maybe the whole of this month and the first week of June Bikram and thou shall see me...yapping away to God's glory about what best comes to me naturally. Yeah Nature...what else.
      Thanks again for the lovely enquiry about my well being and for that ' ek Jadoo kee jhappi dost' :) :) :)

    2. OK . . . . . . so new posts are coming up I suppose . . . . . .June first week is coming to a close :-)

  6. It's June! Hoping to see more from you soon :)

    Lovely images as usual. Nice when we meet such amazing gifts of nature sarey raah chalte chalte.
    Feel blessed!
    I can understand your situation coz even I am in the same now :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Lovelorn Poetry for stopping by and appreciating. Makes me feel joy. :)