Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Blossoms On the Seventh Floor

i have tried hard to stay away from the seasonal ones not because i don't love them but primarily because when they leave me i feel lost and sad. Mornings don't feel fresh anymore and there is no new surprise to look forward to while taking my morning stroll on the 7th and the last floor. Nevertheless i did succumb and later i thought the best way to keep taking that AAAhaaa stroll  is by storing the this spring now in the annals of my post. So here they are in random order.

1. Pink Straw Flower : Although considered to be an annual which is also perennial these are generally seen blossoming during the months of spring. If the bush survives the frost then i can consider myself lucky but the winter that went by was just too harsh for them. The start of February i had had enough of lamenting and so i went on a binge spree. And boy!! am i glad now!! to see them blooming my very own pink and white Helichrysum paper daisy Strawflower.
2. Calendula: This one too is supposed to be an annual perrenial. Probably this is also known as pot marigold. Must not be confused with marigold though. Calendula officinalis is known to be the mother of many herbal and cosmetic products.

3. Dianthus: Another herbaceous perennial.  Dios in Greek means God and anthos meaning flower. Something unique about it's decorated, streaked with darker lines pattern. i knew of this flower before but while reading Sons and Lovers by D.H.Lawerence my interest was rekindled when i had google searched for something called Sweet Williams. This beauty Dianthus barbatus...pretty!! very dainty and lovely colored...i would love to wear this color all over me...that is if i could...

4. Petunia: Can you imagine them being relatives of potato ? They belong to the same family Solanaceae. This one looks iris blue from one angle and purple from the other. i wish i could stand in a field of these among a sea of Purple Wave and sing Ye Kahan Aaa Gayay Hum... (Oh where have i come...)

5. Geranium: Shatterproof flowers that can withstand rain and wind but not frost. Same as the ones mentioned these too are herbaceous perennials and flower during spring if that is they have withstood the harsh winters. Strange how they can tolerate the heat of Delhi summers but not the cold. Adorable they look as the foliage spreads and covers the base while regally and elegantly the clusters stay bunched up together. This beauty is called Fantasia White. But all Geraniums are show stoppers. Somehow they remind me of Paris. Probably because i saw many of the never seen before varieties adorning the Parisian windows and balconies. Something to look up to when one visits Paris...the Parisian windows and the profusely healthy bountiful clusters of heart stealing Geraniums.

So as i stroll admiring, sometimes even touching the spring blossoms i do get anxious and go overboard forgetting about the rest that needs to be addressed. Maybe that one thought keeps irking long...a week perhaps...tomorrow they better be here... 
Then for want of anything better the song starts...inside and before i can leave i begin to feel grateful .
Yeah funny how music and flowers go in the heart but flowers in the soul...

                                                                           Edelweiss Edelweiss
                                                                        Every morning you greet me
                                                                            Small and white
                                                                            Clean and bright
                                                                       You look happy to meet me
                                                           Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
                                                                        Bloom and grow forever
                                                                         Edelweiss Edelweiss
                                                                     Bless my homeland forever


  1. I remember watching Sound of the music way back in 1965 when it was first released in Bombay. What a treat. Now I have lost count of the number of times I have seen it.

  2. @ Haddock thank u. Yeah me too...have lost count really and can still see it again...