Friday, December 31, 2010

Hopeful on 31st December 2010

i hear the sounds of revelry filtering across to my room as i sit down at ease finally after a hectic fortnight of entertaining guests to write my last blog of the bidding goodbye year.
There have been unpleasant happenings in the last few months ending with the skyrocketing prices of essentials and i am not very comfortable to say, " So far so good ".
i still don't know if i should count my blessings or should humbly sit thinking about the poor souls struggling to make ends meet.
But there surely is a sudden revival of hope that things should improve in the coming year.
i am not actually thinking forwards but going down memory lane backwards focussing on the positives and therefore this HOPE.
The end of the calendar year is a good time to do so.
No i am not making resolutions for the coming year.
Rather am just hopeful that things settle down to a comfortable level the coming year for everybody.
With that in mind i want to just sit back, relax and with lots of new hopes in my heart i wish that 2011 is not just another year but a special year where i roll on with enough cheerfulness which should help me transform the negatives into positives and thus enjoy a meaningful life.
Here's wishing everyone who stops by to read my blogs A Very Peaceful And Happy New Year.


  1. Dear Shivani, here's wishing you and your family a fabulous new year 2011. Hope and pray the new year puts you in a better frame of mind in comparison to 2010. Keep writing as I do look forward to readng your posts. Comments will follow though sometimes a bit late.

  2. @Tandarin thank you so much and on behalf of my family and also from my side i wish you a fabulous 2011. Looking forward to more from you always. Cheers!!

  3. Hope you have finished the Pizza.. :P. Btw I watched 2 good movies Unstoppable and The Fighter... try getting your hands on them . I am sure you will enjoy them...
    Wish you and pa a Happy New Year once again.. and jaldi milenge :)

  4. @Aakaash Thank you Beta and God Bless.
    The pizza+pasta still lies refrigerated.Maybe tomorrow is the day.
    Sure will ask for these 2 movies and will definitely enjoy them in peace now.
    Jaldi milenge aur jyaada din ke liye...CHEERS !!!

  5. i sincerely pray that u have peace prosperity love and happiness in 2011.

  6. wish u a very happy peaceful n prosperous 2011.

  7. Shivani, wish you A Very Peaceful And Happy New Year :-)

  8. @Anonymous(1) Thank you and wish you absolutely the same.

  9. @Anonymous(2) Sure thank you and wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2011 too.

  10. @Raja Thank you and hey happy to see u here. Will now chk ur latest but before that wish you Happiness, Health, Prosperity and Peace too.

  11. I think this is something that repeats everytime. End of the year and soaring prices.
    But at the end of it all we can always say "so far so good"

  12. really surprise me today...i see that you've been going through a few of my posts and i feel happy about that.
    Thank you!
    Yeah the year passes us by and at the end of it all we do say, " So far so good..."
    Soon in about a couple of months and few days we shall be doing the same. :)