Friday, September 17, 2010

He Said That...

''Aunty ! this looks like a medieval torture machine!", Venky exclaimed looking at my new prized possession.
His slight American accent sounds adorable but this one was so funny that i started laughing.
Had anyone else uttered the same thing i would've really sulked but instead it was son's batchmate and a dear friend who made our empty nest so full of life when he was in Chennai interning for a multi-national bank.
''Oh really hahaha !" i was amazed at the boy's sharp observation  because it never struck me earlier that afternoon when it was delivered to me that it did. Actually it looked like some kind of an instrument that psychopaths might find useful.
i mean just look at it right now...either a torture machine or some machine that doesn't give the faintest hint about it's real function.
At best if you are not a horror movie buff you might say that it looks like a pressing machine of some sort.Or probably something to crack a coconut???
Now this prized possession of mine for the first time in my life was handpicked with enthusiasm by my own dear husband who judging from how he refuses to buy anything seemed to be suffering with gadget phobia.Not untill  now when he bought this... that too out of his own free will.
Life indeed is so full of surprises.

Venky was serious and requested clarification as to why it was in the kitchen in the first place.
"Oh just a second let me put the other important part and then maybe then you will know what it is", hiding my wee bit of embarrassment i said.
So i dipped my hand into the long colourful box which had housed the apparatus and quickly assembled the complete structure by adding yet 2 more removable parts to it.

He was still clueless and now my embarrassment was getting a bit deeper.
So i started explaining about the earlier to why i discarded that and settled for this one. All that blah blah about cleaning being cumbersome and painstaking.Also that some initial manual labour was still required in the earlier one and felt this was absolutely hassle free even though it lacked in it's looks.

His look said it all... that he was not convinced so i thought that nothing less than a demonstration of the apparatus will prove my point.i had to...after all i was an aunty...had to prove that not all aunties are dumb.
Here was a youngster, a budding technocrat who had to be convinced that we were not as primitive as he would have assumed us to be and that our choice for this particular apparatus is thoroughly justified.
Trust these youngsters to forever seek sleekness in everything.
i was feeling challenged by now and just like the guy at the Chennai Trade Center i mimicked the entire demonstration.

Venky! look there is just no need to peel the fruit

Just roll the lever slowly and there it is... fresh juice in a jiffy.

Feel like a cocktail...err...mixed you go...
sorry don't have any more fruits now but you can just add a slice of un -peeled pineapple and roll the lever slowly...your fresh mixed fruit juice is ready.
OK OK just wait have not yet finished...

Trust anyone to show you a juicer that can do a better job than this! !.

And cleaning is the best part.Just sooo simple and cool...all you gotta do is just lift the 2 removable parts and place them below a tap of running water.No brushing required.

i can bet if you can guide me to another which gets any easier and any quicker than this!!.

It was now Venky's turn to just give me a wide grin and just nod in agreement.Poor boy should've known better than to have first made a statement and then be polite enough to wait for an explanation.

Actually unlike most youngsters of today i was touched by his patience at such a boring subject.That too when he had just made a passing remark.
He actually tried his hand at rolling the lever just to feel if the job required a certain amount of strength.But once done he just said,"You are right aunty...this looks cool."
i almost felt like hugging him then but had to control myself.Oh! he was just so cute in his accent which adds to his already very becoming looks.

My husband stood behind me bloating badly with self glorification as i was smiling rather laughing happily within myself when extracting a glass of fresh juice.
This time i did not contradict him or chide him on all that bugging self praise but told him instead what Venky had addressed the extractor to be.
And we both just laughed while starting our day with a fresh glass of juice and warm thoughts of Venky.


  1. I am sure my twins too would react exactly like Vicky if they see one such tool at home, though I must say, this is a common instrument at all juice centers in the gulf. With large quantity of Oranges available (in the gulf) quite cheap, extracting juice with this tool is pretty easy. Your narration and pictures will sell a few of these through your post. Good going. Keep it up.

  2. @Tandarin thank you for giving me an insight about both... the tool and ur kids.Trust kids these days to come out with an honest comment when they see something new.Never strikes me though and later i am come?
    This is our third juice extractor...the electric one and the other manual one are both languishing in the will be gifted away to my helping hands.Although i doubt if they will be in a position to use it.

  3. Bahut hee intresting juicer hai..... Kahan milta hai ???? Add to batana :):):):)...Jayshree

  4. @Jayshree...thank u for reading...aur tu toh juicer ke piche hee pad gayeee.
    Well i got it from that Lifestyle Exhibition at the Chennai Trade Center. Will chk out from the card if they do have an outlet here in Chennai and mail the address to u.Have patience :):)

  5. Venky's reaction to many such things are priceless. It was an interesting read as well as an unusual juicer. never seen anything like that before ... LOL

  6. @Aaakash...Hey Sonna loved to see you here.
    You are right... for us also this was our first maybe here in India.Like Tandarin has said who is based in Gulf, it is a common extractor there.
    Thanks for taking out time on even a busy Sunday and bringing that smile on my face to see that u laughted too.:)

  7. baby u must hv juice everyday.yr illustration was so simple that i want to posses that torture machine and torture my family every morning.howzzat.

  8. @Gauri...ahushmaan bhava!!!...tathaastu!! don't worry the next time u see me at the station be ready to haul a long box...haha :)
    Thanks for taking time out...hugs