Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knock Knock Knocking at Technology's Door

It was in one of the books dealing with animals and their characteristics that i read something which has stayed with me ever since.It said something like this-The phrase, ''Don't behave like animals'' should not be used to denote the evil deeds that humans do.Because animals never go beyond what is in their nature and system.They are law abiding and stick to the rules that nature has bestowed upon them.Some classification done by humans makes them distinct no doubt but if left to them there would be no catastrophes related to imbalances in nature.Because it is not in their nature to plunder and kill or destroy anything indiscriminately.They are actually the way they should be but unfortunately we cannot call them law abiding humanitarian citizens.
So the thought has been going for quite some time within me when i see all the technological advances happening around.Mostly all cater to making humans as comfortable as can be thus creating newer problems be it relating to health or environment, in a way that things seem out of control.

None of these advancements seem to make the desired changes that is a pre-requisite for a healthy society. i see that even education has become mindless in the sense that one is getting the necessary qualifications to just get a good job which eventually should be able to provide them with a good life.As the rat race gets tougher all the values that should support a good society seems to be getting eroded.Wise people saw this coming and send out the warning signals.i remember Oliver Goldsmith who said ,''Ill fares the land,hastening ills a prey,
  Where wealth accumulates,and men decay..."

i have visualised something which could be a panacea to all this.Only that it seems too fantastic and even wierd.But all inventions when concieved  were once thought to be thus.Right from the first thing invented at the start of the Industrial Revolution till date.
i have also had an imagination of a something but if i say it is a GUN you would shoot me instead.
Funny but every time my Mother-In -Law acted smart with me i thought about this GUN.
My nearest family knows about the kind of GUN i am talking about and just like how people would've done eons ago to all brilliant ideas conceived, it was not surprising that their reaction was exactly the same. 
They just laughed.Brushed off the idea with more laughter and dismissals fully confident that such an idea can never see the light of day.
Because not only is the idea vague but also IMPOSSIBLE.

Who would have ever thought of all these happening... cloning...satellite systems to track enemies...cosmetic surgery...body sculpting and quite recently some device in your cell phones which tell your friends and family just where you are positioned at any particular time.Moreover people are buying plots on the moon now because soon even moon will be having human settlements.
Just like my imagination of this GUN all these would have first germinated as ideas and who knows with all this technology which is going nano now, my imagination sees it becoming a reality in the near future.

This GUN should be the kind that preservers of nature and wildlife use on animals.Something like a tranquilizing gun.

This GUN would not kill neither will it leave any injury. But one shot and man should come to his senses.i mean it could be a woman too like my MIL who wanted me to fund her to buy gold bangles for her of the type that would have left my husband and me bankrupt.
''Chalis Bhar ka chudee" she said and since i don't understand much of this bhar system i asked her to tell me in rupee terms. Considering that 1 gram of gold equals to 12 bhars she  then started calculating and i swooned at the rounded off figure that she gave.
It was then i desired i had this GUN.
Not that i am prejudiced but everytime i act smart with her she could use it on me too.
Afterwards we would stay happy as bum chums.No ill-will, no remorse,no regrets and no ANGER.

From that day on every time some meanness, smallness, selfishness...envy...malice... surfaces in me i keep yearning for this humanity saving invention. Of course people use guns to shoot themselves.Don't they?
Maybe the guns need not be bought by all. Just a few owners can go a long way in making the desired changes.
How to choose these people can be decided by another brilliant idea which is bound to happen soon.

Picture this -Your neighbour's dog has just pissed in the lift and you happen to be there in the lift.One shot from the GUN and you not only see your neighbour sanitizing the lift but the neighbour later taking the stairs with the dog every time the dog has to be taken out.
You acting like one tight-assed Hari Saadu and terrorising your employees and Dhin...Choo ... you are the most inspiring boss ever to have walked on this planet.

The Gun can be named anything but as for now let us be simple and call it a REALISATION GUN.
Can technology do this please?

It is so wonderful to imagine a world where people become simple and clean hearted.Because the ills happening around us is not because technology is at fault.It is the way people handle the technology.That which is supposd to make life better.
And most ills in the society are germinating from the sick minds of the people...technology or no technology.
With the best technology in hand, are we getting any better or are we plunging into an abyss?

REALISATION GUN should be able to trigger off the nerve cells which should enable a positive response to a stimuli.Meaning thereby instead of having people reacting to situations there would be positive action.

DHIN...SHOO and you are in this EDEN with all around you living in harmony and peace.

i know it is wishful thinking nothing more but this is what i would want from technology. At least with all the resources spent on destruction weapons i think it would be a justified investment where instead of trying to create matter something is invented to preserve the matter that was created ever since the first life form appeared.
With so many species and values already gone and many on it's way to extinction i guess the REALISATION GUN should be able to put a sudden halt to what we know as destruction.
Destruction of values, morals and hence of mankind.
Hope i am able to reach out to someone...someone with such technological skills who can work on this idea of mine and make it a reality.

i shall now return to Oliver Goldsmith.
Care to join in?



  1. Hilarious read.. lol . Totally could get it :P

  2. Its wonderful idea.I wish this technology come true one day.Meanwhile why not contribute to mankind n goodness from today rt at this moment starting from seif.why wait for technology?why not start being positive,think positive ,act positive,have an attitude of forgiveness instead of relying on others n expecting frm others.Positive approach will definitely produce result which u wanted thr ur GUN,may be sometime it will take long time,but non-positive action n thinking will only produce hatred,noice n sorrow for ALL,it is certain.Good article to ponder n introspection.

  3. wow GUN technology..Why wait 4 somebody to invent? u can use rt now-GUN-GOOD n NICE.Adopt this i bet ,it will produce result.Time tested weapon.

  4. @Aakaash thank you sonna for stopping by and of course you know about this.:)

  5. @Anonymous thank you for your comments.Actually this was my entry for a contest in Indiblogger.
    The contest was 'Your Demand From Technology' and this was my entry.
    Realisation nowadays is not happening on it's own...so this was my idea for what i would want invented next.:)

  6. @Chandra Vir thank you for taking time out and commenting.Yeah i get ur drift.:)

  7. i feel optimistic about this post.somewhere somebody must have started working on this self realising gun technology.

  8. @Gauri If that happens we don't have to wait too long for the desired changes.Right now i just keep wishing...thank you sis for getting my drift.:)

  9. I am waiting for Tandarin Nike comment,who is generally giving meaningful comment.

  10. @Anonymous thank you for ur re-entry but hey i thought you want to read my blogs.Hahaha! you just dispelled my sense of complacency...anyways you are right.
    Actually Tandarin's comments are really as you say 'meaningful'.Read his blogs and you shall know why.

  11. Shivani I read this post quite a number of times and it really got me thinking about this so called 'REALISATION GUN'.

    What a fabulous idea ‘Sirji’.

    Wish I could buy one off the shelf and have enough charge in it to use it at my boss and my bosses’ boss. There are few more I would love to aim at if it works on my boss (nothing really works on him).

    This one reminded me of my post dated 16th April… ‘A button on your forehead’, which reminds me of probable misuse.

    Shivani, you are one hell of a wonderful writer. This post will keep many wondering about the probable use of such a gun. It will definitely do a lot of good for mankind (also womankind) which you have explained well.

    Assuming this ‘R’ gun can be made, I wonder what will energize it. Will it use normal batteries or will it work on some extra ordinary power source? The more I think about it, more questions surface. That’s one reason why I waited so long to post my comments.

    Anonymous, please do visit my blog and leave your comments if any. Would appreciate that.

  12. @Tandarin yeah it is still to be processed in thoughts as to what should be the power source for this R Gun.
    Thanks for reminding me about your earlier post which talked about something near if not similar.
    Actually this post was my entry to 'My Demand From Technology' contest announced by Indiblogger.(My first post in Indiblogger)
    Was just thinking you should post ur entry too.
    i will surely vote for you.
    Anonymous should be reading ur blogs and should be commenting soon i guess.
    Thank You for reading and talking to me.:)

  13. very much impressive Shivani....
    marvelous yaar!!!!

  14. @ Stranger thank you for finding my dil ki baat impressive.Much thanks for not dismissing it right away.Most happy for obliging me with your visit.
    Hope to see more of you.:)

  15. What an 'IDEA' Shivani! Would love to have such a gun to be used on myself first and then of
    course a long list follows...
    Very interesting :))

  16. @Amita thank you dear and i was pleasantly surprised to see you here.Loved the fact that you read and feel the same.Thank you...hugs ^_^

  17. That is a very interesting concept. Sometimes I wish I had this sort of a gun which I could use on others.

    I am sure they also feel the same about me.

  18. @Anirban Yeah i guess we could go on using this on each other because i feel we do a lot and say a lot without even realising what the repurcussions would be...R Gun seems easy but then again it was just an idea...
    Thanks for reading.:)

  19. All your thoughts about the gun is fantastic:)Can never agree more with the fact that animals are law abiding citizens of nature. Very insightful.
    Thanks for Dropping by.Happy with all your appreciation. Will try to keep up to the expectations!

  20. @Kiran thank u for reading through.It's really nice where blogging is taking me and feels gr8 to have read yours.Yes i shall look forward to more from you.:)

  21. you are damn right about the only unconditional love. I am all open to constructive criticism. So don't hesitate feeling that it would embitter me:)
    Thanks for that pat on the back. It will take me a long way!

  22. This is wonderful, Shivani!
    I want a 'Realization Gun' too :)
    Much needed for our world! With me, the gun is in safe-hands!
    Wonderful idea!
    Even I'll think of it each time someone behaves hanky-panky with me...believe me that's pretty often!!!
    They feel they can take me for a ride! I have the gun by my side :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this link with me! Smiling a lot now! :)
    Incidentally, it too has world's good that many of the posts, including mine, have dealt with in the recent Tech contest :)

    1. Yeah Anita every time i have one evil thought i would use it on me first ...me too smiling...wish u were near and we could go on that imagination ride concocting how to set everything right with this Technology Gun. Even these doctors that u have talked in ur recent composition...
      Thanks for taking time out...hugzzz